Chicago Lifting Mask Mandates


Starting Monday, Feb. 28, Chicago will no longer require masks in places such as restaurants, bars, and public gyms.

There are a few exceptions, such as public transit, healthcare facilities, public schools, and federal buildings however. Individuals are encouraged to continue to wear masks and particular venues or business can still require masks as needed.

The vaccination card to eat at a restaurant requirement is also being lifted. Although this mandate lead to an increase in Chicagoans getting vaccinated, the main focus was to protect Chicago’s healthcare system from being overwhelmed. Now that the Omicron variant is leveling out, it is time for the mandates to subside.

The city of Chicago expects a small rise in cases with lifting the mandates, but are prepared to handle it. Mayor Lori Lightfoot says she is prepared to bring back mandates if needed in the future.

Lightfoot continues to urge people to get vaccinated, as it is the best way to fight against COVID-19.

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