COVID-19 Safety Tips as You Venture Outside in Chicago


The Centers for Disease Control has set safety measures to help keep citizens and travelers safe. Chicago has taken these safety measures to heart in an effort to keep everyone safe.  Those who plan on visiting Chicago should be aware of the current safety measures that currently exist today.  As the city continues to prepare for the reopening, the number one priority is ensuring both locals and visitors are following social distancing protocols so everyone can stay safe and healthy.

We must take precautionary measures when venturing out to the public and people are still encouraged to minimize the amount of interaction they have with others.  The most important CDC guideline is if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 it is important to self-isolate.   

The new norm also includes many practices such as wearing face coverings and gloves, social distancing at least six feet apart, using hand sanitizer when you leave public places, accepting deliveries, collecting mail or touch surfaces frequently touched by others and washing your hands when you arrive home.  

Some safety tips include ordering and paying online when possible.  This comes in handy when it comes to grocery shopping, picking up takeout food or getting food delivered.  Try contactless curbside pickup if possible or if getting a delivery, request deliveries to be left in a safe spot outside your house or apartment.  

Utilize online banking as much as possible with drive through ATMs being a better option than having to meet in public places. 

When getting gas, gloves are key and wiping handles and buttons is important before touching them.  

When going to the doctor or pharmacy, see if your doctor offers virtual appointments, communications online or by the phone first.  Order prescriptions ahead of time and plan to pick up in the drive through or request curbside pick up.  Stocking up on medicines to reduce the amount of visits you need to make will be helpful.   

As Chicago continues to follow the phases of reopening back up, they are ensuring specific safety guidelines are being followed for all employees, customers and visitors.  Thankfully NBC Chicago has come up with coronavirus tips of how to stay safe when having to go out in public. 

You can find all the details in NBC Chicago’s article here:
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