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Is your business getting your fair share of Chicago's visitors? If not, contact the experts at Concierge Preferred to help you create a strategy to tap into this vast network of potential customers for your business.

Concierge Preferred is a Chicago visitor marketing publication designed to inform visitors as they arrive in Chicago, and educate concierges about local businesses and attractions. Our motto is “Expert Insight. Better Travel.” permeates each publication they produce. From blogs and newsletters to magazines and visitor marketing services, Concierge Preferred brings together travelers, the hospitality industry, and concierge through publishing and marketing services in a manner unmatched by any other company in the industry. 

Kicking off 2019, the producers of Concierge Preferred Magazine, Chicago Planner Master Class, Hospitality & Tourism Summit Chicago, and more have rebranded with a new company name to capture the wealth of services provided.

The former, “O’Malley-Magnusson Publishing Group, LLC,” owned by CEO, Tim O’Malley, and Michael Magnusson, is now Ateema Media & Marketing. In business for more than 18 years, the company has grown its product portfolio to six different platforms. In addition to Concierge Preferred Magazine, Hospitality & Tourism Summit Chicago, and Planner Master Class series, Ateema will continue to produce Chicago Neighborhood Maps / ChicagoMaps.org, Mobile Visitor Network, and the Chicago Concierge Favorites Awards. 

In 2020, Ateema Media & Marketing launched its popular Planner Master Class series in San Francisco, California. Visit PlannerMasterClass.com for more information. 

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Our suite of visitor marketing services include: 

  • Concierge Preferred Magazine
  • Chicago Neighborhood Maps, ChicagoMaps.org
  • Concierge Ambassador Services
  • Networking Memberships
  • Event Activations and Sponsorships
  • Digital Visitor Network
  • Planner Master Class series, Chicago & San Francisco editions available
  • Concierge Research and Marketing Services
  • and more

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Ateema Media & Marketing

Makers of Concierge Preferred, Hospitality & Tourism Summit, and Planner Master Class

c/o Novel Coworking
405 W. Superior St. , Suite #706

Chicago, IL 60654

Ph: 312-360-1770