In the Footsteps of Legends: 6 Bulls & Blackhawks Hotspots in Chicago


Embark on a sports-centric odyssey through Chicago as we unveil a guide to some of the city’s iconic destinations for fans of the Bulls and Blackhawks!

United Center

The place to be to see Bulls or Hawks in action. But even while not inside the arena, the United Center Atrium is a bustling hub of activity on game days. Immerse yourself in the pre-game excitement by exploring the atrium, where fans gather, merchandise flows, and the energy of the city’s sports culture is palpable. Additionally, seize the opportunity to capture memories with the iconic Michael Jordan statue in the atrium, or snap a selfie with Bobby Hull and Stan Makita just outside. 

Berto Center 

Immerse yourself in the Bulls’ legacy by visiting the Berto Center, the former practice facility for the team. Although the Bulls now practice at the Advocate Center, the Berto Center remains a historic spot where basketball greatness was cultivated. Take a stroll around the perimeter and soak in the essence of the Bulls’ training grounds.

Blackhawks Store 

Gear up like a Blackhawks player by visiting the official Blackhawks Store, located on Michigan Avenue. Browse through an extensive collection of team jerseys, memorabilia, and exclusive merchandise. It’s not just a shop; it’s a pilgrimage for Blackhawks fans seeking to be a part of the team’s spirit.

Madhouse Team Store 

More shopping! Dive into the ultimate fan experience at the Madhouse Team Store inside the United Center. This expansive store caters to both Bulls and Blackhawks enthusiasts, offering a wide range of team gear, collectibles, and exclusive items. It’s a haven for sports fans looking to bring a piece of the Madhouse on Madison home. Make sure to be on the lookout for items on sale! 

Chicago Sports Museum 

Dive into the Chicago Sports Museum—a 23,000-square-foot space seamlessly combining high-tech interactive experiences with an extensive collection of game-used treasures. Celebrating all major Chicago sports teams, the museum uses body-tracking technology for unique encounters, allowing you to score goals as Blackhawks star Patrick Kane or shoot free throws like Bulls veteran Scottie Pippen.

Johnny’s Ice House

Just a few block east of United Center, Johnny’s Ice House is a Chicago institution for hockey enthusiasts, offering premier ice skating facilities and a rich history in the heart of the city. Home to various leagues, training sessions, and open skate hours, Johnny’s Ice House caters to both aspiring players and seasoned professionals, creating a vibrant community around the sport.

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