Amphibians Invade Shedd Aquarium in Chicago


Whether you’re an avid fan of all things creepy-crawly or you’re simply interested in what exotic amphibious offerings might be right around the corner, the Shedd Aquarium’s recently added “Amphibians” might be just what you’re looking for.

With over 40 different species of frogs, toads, newts, salamanders, and the extremely rare caecilians, the exhibit features more familiar creatures like local spring peepers and bullfrogs, but it is also home to species from every continent except for Antarctica. From the peculiar Surinam horned toad to the snake-like caecilians to the massive four-foot-long Japanese giant salamander, “Amphibians” fails to disappoint with its plethora of colorful and curious inhabitants.

Besides being mesmerized by simply viewing the critters themselves, the exhibit is also very educational and seeks to inform visitors about the many intricacies of the featured amphibians. Things like the amphibious metamorphosis from aquatic, legless larvae to four-legged breathing adults as well as the fact that they absorb water through their skin instead of drinking for hydration are just examples of the astounding aspects of the life of these vertebrates. In addition to the animals and all their weird and wacky facts, the Shedd Aquarium aims to connect its visitors to the animals and their role in the world, informing about the effect that habitat loss, climate change, and pollution has specifically on these creatures as well as what we can do to support them.


“Amphibians” is on view at the Shedd Aquarium, located at 1200 S. Lake Shore Dr., and is open this summer daily from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. For more information on the exhibit, the Shedd Aquarium, or how you can plan a visit, go to

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