The Original Mother’s: A 55th Anniversary Celebration

Courtesy of The Original Mother's

Travel through time at The Original Mother’s as they commemorate a remarkable 55-year journey of live music. The establishment is hosting Dueling Decades on Thursday, August 17th, from 6pm to 9pm. This early-opening event entails an evening filled with fabulous music by the venue’s dynamic pianists and a rock band drummer. Delectable appetizers will be served, exclusive drink specials will be had, and merchandise giveaways will be offered!

What to Expect at The Original Mother’s

As the clock winds back through the eras, patrons will relish a live showcase of chart-topping hits spanning the 1960s to the present day, all masterfully rendered by Mother’s talented musicians. The attendees will heighten the nostalgic sounds by dressing up in attire from their favorite decade!

Pianist at The Original Mother's

Get ready to experience a pulsating rhythm of music as The Original Mother’s performers go head-to-head in a series of captivating musical showdowns that will sweep you away. This high-energy event will ensure an enthralling live music experience for every guest.

Sip on classic 1960s cocktails like the Old Fashioned, Manhattan, and Whiskey Sour, perfectly complemented by $5.50 Bud Light Drafts. Scrumptious light bites will be prepared, all inspired by beloved snacks reminiscent of the ’60s.

The Showdowns at The Original Mother’s

Round 1: 1960s vs. 1970s

The groove of the ’60s goes head-to-head with the funk of the ’70s in a battle of musical prowess. Patrons will cast their vote through applause!

Round 2: Winner of Previous Round vs. 1980s

The victor from the previous round faces off against the neon-soaked, big-haired wonderland of the ’80s, a decade etched in pop culture history!

Round 3: Winner of Previous Round vs. 1990s

Grunge meets boy bands as the ’80s champion challenges the iconic ’90s, a time of musical diversity and stuck-in-your-head hits.

Round 4: Winner of Previous Round vs. 2000s

The ’90s conqueror goes head-to-head with the dawn of the new millennium, an era defined by rapid music evolution and the rise of megastars.

Round 5: Winner of Previous Round vs. 2010s

The 2000s sensation faces off against the eclectic mix of the 2010s, a decade that blended nostalgia and modernity in unprecedented ways.

Final Round: Winner of Previous Round vs. 2020s

In an epic climax, the reigning champion confronts the present decade, the 2020s, as the latest hits collide with timeless classics in an incredible grand finale.

Dueling Decades isn’t just an event; it’s a homage to The Original Mother’s storied musical history! Established in 1968, the venue has hosted legendary bands such as Cream, The Velvet Underground, Chicago, The Mekons, and others, solidifying its status as an iconic live music destination. Join in on celebrating a well-worthy venue while journeying through time at Dueling Decades.

For more information and to RSVP, click here!

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