The Best Ways To Enjoy The Riverwalk


The Riverwalk is a vibrant and exciting destination for tourists and locals alike. Over the years, the Riverwalk has transformed from being ignored to being a bustling hub of activity. It offers a unique experience with distinct “rooms” between every two bridges, which provide visitors with a plethora of activities. 

From dining and boating to fishing and public art, the Riverwalk has something for everyone. Visitors can relax at one of the scenic bars and restaurants or rent a kayak to get a closer look at Chicago’s architecture. The Riverwalk is a gem in the heart of the city, and visitors will leave with unforgettable memories.

Tiny Tapp & Tiny Café

For a more intimate experience, visitors can head to the Tiny Tapp & Tiny Café. The café offers freshly brewed coffee, to-go breakfast items and ice cream. The Tapp is a lively gathering place that features great cocktails, craft beer and contemporary American fare. It’s a perfect patio from which to enjoy all that the Riverwalk has to offer.

Chicago Brewhouse

This popular Riverwalk restaurant and bar celebrates Chicago. The Brewhouse exclusively offers local craft beers. And the menu pays tribute to the city’s diverse neighborhoods and their respective global cuisines with its menu of tacos, wontons, gyro sliders, Italian beef, and more.

The Northman Beer & Cider Garden

The Northman Beer & Cider Garden immerses visitors in a European-style beer garden setting on the Riverwalk. Order from the vast beverage menu featuring craft beers & ciders, wines, hard seltzers, kombucha and more. Take a seat at one of the picnic tables with some hearty Old World food and enjoy the free live music program which plays daily from Memorial Weekend through Labor Day.

Island Party Hut Tiki Bar & Grill 

The Island Party Hut Tiki Bar & Grill is the perfect destination for those seeking a festive atmosphere. The tropical-themed bar offers pulled pork, a Big Kahuna Burger, frozen cocktails, and island-inspired drinks. Visitors can play a round of ping pong, jumbo Jenga or cornhole, all while enjoying the music wafting on the summer breeze.

The Riverwalk for All 

The Riverwalk has won awards for its accessibility, and visitors with disabilities can enjoy the Riverwalk’s amenities without any issues. The Riverwalk’s scenic bars and restaurants offer amazing views of Chicago’s architecture, and visitors can rent a kayak or take a river cruise to get even closer to the city’s famous buildings.

Public Art 

Public art is also a highlight of the Riverwalk. Visitors can enjoy a variety of sculptures, murals, and installations that showcase Chicago’s culture and history, including the celebrated Art on theMART. The Riverwalk is also home to several events and festivals throughout the year. 

In conclusion, the Riverwalk is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a definitive Chicago experience.

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