The 8th Annual Sangria Festival


One of the fruitiest and most savory cocktails deserves its own festival. On August 19th and 20th, Humboldt Park is hosting their 8th annual Sangria Festival. This two-day event promises a blend of sangria tastings, artistic experiences, fine cuisine, and fantastic performances. Here’s a sneak peek into what awaits you at this year’s Sangria Festival:

Sip, Paint, & Unleash Your Inner Artist

Woman Painting at Sangria Festival

Wine & Painting: An unavoidably fabulous combination. The “Paint & Sip Sangria” portion of the festival is easily one of its best aspects. Engage your creativity as you paint your masterpiece under the open sky. The picturesque setting of Humboldt Park provides the perfect backdrop for artistic inspiration. Accompanied by an expert artist instructor, you’ll create a work of art that you can proudly take home. With three time slots available each day, plus a “Glow in the Dark” session at 8 pm, this is a unique opportunity to let your creativity flow while enjoying the finest sangria.

Henna & Sangria

For those seeking a different form of artistic expression, the “Henna & Sangria” experience awaits. Enter the world of intricate henna art while sipping on the fruitiest of sangrias. Under the guidance of skilled artists, you’ll adorn yourself with stunning henna designs that reflect your individuality. This fusion of creativity and flavor promises a truly joyous experience in the heart of the park.

Culinary Delights

No festival is complete without great food, and the Sangria Festival is no exception. Explore a diverse range of food options, from easy bites to satisfying plates. Try the rich and flavorful paella, savor the authentic tastes of Ponce Restaurant, relish the fusion cuisine of Smash Jibarito, enjoy the vibrant offerings of La Cebollita, experience the bold flavors of Curramba Colombian, and satisfy your sweet tooth with La Bomba. The festival’s food offerings promise a journey through various culinary traditions, adding to the multi-sensory experience.

A Feast for the Ears

Group Photo-Op at Sangria Festival

The Sangria Festival would never provide good food and drinks without some melodic assistance. If you’re attending, prepare to sway along to the array of soulful performances. Enjoy the musical stylings of Nino Petit, the rhythms of Samba, the melodies of Alberto Solo. Whether you’re dancing to the tunes or simply enjoying the ambiance, these performances will certainly enhance the festival experience.

What’s Included with a Ticket

With your festival pass, you’re in for a treat:

1. One-Day Entry: Dive into the festivities and explore all the offerings of the Sangria Festival.

2. One Souvenir Glass: Commemorate your experience with a beautifully crafted souvenir glass.

3. One Round 2oz Tasting (4 Flavors): Embark on a journey of sangria exploration with a tasting of four distinct flavors.

4. 2 Sangria Drink Tickets: Quench your thirst with two glasses of your preferred sangria concoctions.

5. Passport Punch Card | Tastes & Samples: Immerse yourself in the festival’s culinary delights with this passport that grants you access to an array of tastes and samples.

Grab your tickets here!

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