Spring Flower Shows are in Full Bloom


Spring is just around the corner in Chicago, and the Spring Flower Shows have sprung. At the Lincoln Park Conservatory and the Garfield Park Conservatory, enjoy the new blossoms of 2024.


This season, the Lincoln Park Conservancy presents Sweet Gnome Chicago. Starting February 14 and running through Mother’s Day, May 12, the flower show hopes for a successful season following their largest crowds at last year’s show.

According to the Chicago Park District, this year’s show includes 300 gnomes in a variety of sizes to pair with the bright colors of the Conservancy’s new blooms. Reservations to attend the flower show can be made online.

In addition to the show, guests can participate in Conservancy sponsored activities. Events include a scavenger hunt, gnome-naming, and a soon-to-be-announced April “after hours” event. Guests can also now purchase a gnome from the flower show display to take home. Gnomes can be reserved in advance.


Open from February 14 to May 12 as well, the Garfield Park Conservatory 2024 flower show is titled What’s in a Name? Taking an educational approach, this flower show explains the history and science behind the botanical naming of the blooms on display.

What’s in a Name? stresses the importance of knowing the history and culture of the flower as communicated through the naming process. Especially when plants have the same or similar names, knowing the history of the plant’s botanical name can help with identification.
At Garfield Park, guests will learn about names such as Tulipa ‘Rococo’, Lilium ‘Josephine’, and Viola ‘Matrix Yellow’.

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