Sip, Chill, Repeat: The Frosted Flavors of Chicago’s Summer Spritzes and Frozen Drinks

Photograph by Kaizen Nguy

The first day of Summer has arrived, and the Chicago temperature has certainly risen to the occasion. The sun is boasting its rays, and we wish to boast some fabulous cool-off options! With the unflinching heat in mind, we have assembled a plethora of chilled spritzes and frozen concoctions to enhance your summer. There is simply nothing more satisfying than a cold glass on a blistering day, so read on to find your perfect match!

Central Park Bar

Located in Logan Square, Central Park Bar offers an array of festive drinks that accompany summer well. We suggest their frozen spicy margarita for an array of reasons. With its blend of Ghost Spicy Blanco Tequila and mango, a sipper is certain to fall victim to the tempting tastes. Throughout the month of June, $1 from every purchase of this spicy concoction will be donated to Center on Halsted. Support the organization by simply enjoying a delightful drink beneath the summer sun!


From the delicate dance of snowflakes to the vibrant burst of blooming flowers, Formento’s flourishes in every season. Summer is no exception as this Fulton Market beacon proudly presents its collection of bubbly spritzes. In addition to their meticulously crafted classic Aperol Spritz, they beckon you to indulge in the irresistible ‘Crush On You,’ a drink that evokes memories of Italy’s refreshing Limoncello Spritz. ‘The Lingurian’ cocktail is also a fizzy delight perfect for summer, blended with pineapple, basil syrup, and, of course, prosecco!

Weather Mark Tavern

Head to the South Loop to experience the nautical Weather Mark Tavern! This dependable establishment offers a plethora of refreshing mixed drinks that pair well with summer. A bubbly favorite is the lemonberry spritz, a fusion of wild berry vodka, lemonade, and champagne. If you prefer classics, their aperol spritz will satisfy. They also boast a sweetening passion fruit margarita, as well as their sparkling, tart pear bellini! 

Bar Takito

One of the finest Fulton Market staples is undoubtedly Bar Takito. Apart from their heavenly Latin cuisine– which features some of Chicago’s finest street tacos –their drink menu is matchless. Similar to their dishes, they offer an assortment of classic cocktails with a Takito twist. Their expansive list of margaritas are all blended with the establishment’s specialty house cordial, resulting in an irresistible flavor that truly makes each drink their own. This goes for their sangria as well, whether it is by the glass or pitcher, you will notice a rare taste that will keep you wanting more!

Utopian Tailgate

If you take anything from this list, it is to visit Utopian Tailgate during the summer season. Sat above The Second City, this adult playground is guaranteed to capture the heart of any Chicagoan. The bar boasts singular cocktails along with large format cocktails to share– this is where things get exciting. We recommend the Playpen Playdate, a fizzy spritz that is made to satisfy 6 to 8 people! Split up the fruity concoction and let loose on a budget!

Caffe Oliva

Permanently basking in the sun on the edge of Ohio Street Beach, Caffe Oliva is an obvious contender for some of the best summer sips. All of their cocktails are essentially made to accompany the summer sun, but to narrow all the lovely libations down, their nos repo spritz is certainly top on CP’s effervescent list. A seamless twist of nosotros reposado, blood orange & agave, and prosecco will quench the thirst of any beach-goer. Not to be missed are their original Oliva Margarita and vibrantly fruity fish bowls, offering a shared indulgence that amplifies the beachside bliss!

Cafe Robey

An undeniable Wicker Park gem, Cafe Robey is always offering specialities for the seasons. This summer, they are advertising their classic mimosa amongst other bubbly beverages! Their raspberry bellini, a tart but sweet take on the spritz, seamlessly binds prosecco with raspberry elixir. Similarly, their passion fruit bellini twists prosecco and passion fruit elixir together, creating a taste that is believed to resemble summer in a glass!


With its widespread presence across Chicago, Avli solidifies its position as a revered purveyor of summer concoctions. Every Avli location unveils a carefully curated selection of distinctive beverages, ensuring that each visit offers a unique experience! In the vibrant neighborhood of River North, you can expect the allure of Avli’s delectable frozen Lemonada Chios, a beverage that provides zesty lemon a frosty embrace. They also offer a Frozen Strawberry Margarita, a classic fusion of ripe strawberries and tequila, as well as their tart Blood Orange Paloma, an artful twist of tangy blood orange and vibrant grapefruit!

Canal Street

Make your way to the vibrant West Loop and pay a visit to the iconic Canal Street. Treat yourself to the timeless Aperol Spritz, a captivating fusion of Aperol, Prosecco, soda, and a subtle touch of orange. Seize the chance to savor this beloved classic at an unbeatable happy hour price of only $8! Maximize the enjoyment of your weekdays by joining in on these enchanting hours at Canal Street Eatery, offered from Monday to Friday between 3-6pm!


Fulton Market’s beloved hotspot, Recess, truly comes alive during the summer season. Amidst their exciting lineup of theme nights and the introduction of a new menu, they have an unexpected treat— an inflatable safari! While indulging in the fun, Recess also ensures you stay cool under the summer sun. Atop cocktail menu sits the Brain Freeze, a caffeinated blend of coffee liqueur, Baileys, and cold brew— a perfect pick-me-up after a day in the sun. Additionally, don’t miss the refreshing Aperol Freeze! Amidst a delightful selection of fruity cocktails, many offerings can be enjoyed as non-alcoholic options or infused with CBD.

Written by Bridget McGann

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