On the Go: Where to Grab A Quick Bite


This city moves fast; so fast, that eating on the go is the norm.  No one should have to waste their precious lunch break on minimart snack bars or gas station sandwiches. Luckily, there are several Chicago restaurants that can provide you with a quality meal on the double.

Goddess and the Baker

Mat Chapman, Goddess and the Baker

These fast-casual cafes are known for their excellent coffee and energetic atmosphere. The lines always move fast, so it doesn’t take long for you get your hand on one of their craft bowls, baked goods, or sandwiches. This is the type of place you could leave at any time, yet you want to stay longer.

Velvet Taco

Entienne Padin, Eurostars Magnificent Mile

These chef-driven gourmet tacos push the barrier on what tacos can be. These culinary artists take use tortillas as their canvas to make something unique and delicious. While these ingredients may take hours to prepare, they only take a few seconds to put together. That’s the beauty of tacos; they are so simple and yet they allow great complexity.

Dough Bros

Russell Zwolinski, The Hotel Chicago-Autograph Collection

These guys capture the quick serve life of a New York Pizzeria. These 100-hour fermented pizza crusts lay the foldable foundation of a classic Ney York Slice. You don’t even need to walk through the doors to get in on the action; just order through the window!

BIG & Little’s

John Dillon, Langham Hotel

Named after the co-founder’s nicknames, these restaurants are known for Big taste at Little prices. It’s surprising that there isn’t a third co-founder named Quick, because these guys move fast! It’s a fast way to get great Poboys, Burgers, and many more of the owner’s favorites.

Callout for Flor Sigaran, Chicago Athletic Association Hotel

I really like Brown Bag Seafood on Randolph. It’s healthy and affordable, with a mix and match menu that keeps you from getting bored.  

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