Mozart Immersive: The Soul of a Genius

Photograph by Mila Samokhina

The Mozart Immersive: The Soul of a Genius exhibition at the Lighthouse Artspace in Chicago is a spectacle to experience. One does not know how mystifying it can be to absorb musical history until witnessing this technological journey. Art, humor, drama, and history blend seamlessly, creating an all-consuming showcase that keeps your head turning.

What to Expect

As you gaze among the ever-changing walls, you will follow Mozart from his childhood bedroom to his untimely death. Follow the acts with your pamphlet as it provides in-depth descriptions of his fast-paced upbringing. Throughout the scenes, you will encounter the legendary actor Mikhail Baryshnikov embodying Leopold, Mozart’s father. Watch as his portrayal brings an unfathomable complexity to the composer’s life with a tumultuous father-son relationship.

Mozart Immersive at Lighthouse Artspace

The Compositions

The immersive journey goes far beyond visuals, as Luca Longobardi orchestrates and reinterprets 17 selections of Mozart’s music. These timeless compositions come to life through the harmonious notes of a 45-piece symphony orchestra, expertly conducted by four-time Grammy-nominated Constantine Orbelian. The rhythms of each note pair exceptionally with its visuals, further surrounding visitors with an effective showcase.

Every Wednesday through Sunday, this world is waiting within the Lighthouse Artspace in Chicago! Grab your tickets here, and prepare for a voyage into the mind of one of history’s most legendary composers!

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