Hoppy Days Are Here Again


Check out Concierge Preferred’s favorite breweries & brewpubs and try some of the best Chicago beers, including Michelin-starred, non-alcoholic and hipster brews.


Interested in Chicago history and thirsty for a good beer? Try Haymarket Pub & Brewery in the West Loop. While enjoying a Speakerswagon Pilsner or the Oscar’s Pardon Belgian-style Pale Ale, learn more about the Haymarket affair, the aftermath of a bombing that took place at a labor demonstration on May 4, 1886. After quenching your thirst, visit the Haymarket Monument, located across the expressway. 


The world’s first brewery awarded with not one but two Michelin stars may be found right here in Chicago! Moody Tongue offers exciting beers that blend familiar flavors with quality ingredients through a philosophy of culinary brewing. In their own words: they are using a chef’s mindset to highlight flavors and aromatics in balanced beers. Make sure to book a table if you plan on pairing your beer with a fine dining experience. 


Located in the heart of Streeterville, Crushed by Giants Brewing Company is the brainchild of Greg Shuff and his team at DryHop Brewers in East Lakeview. Definitely try their IPAs and locally sourced food. 


Head over to the Chicago Brewing District on the Near West Side and visit the brewery that has been brewing the–now world famous–Goose Island beers since 1995. Book your guided tours in advance, have a few beers, and check out the merch. 


There are four more breweries located in Chicago’s Brewing District. One of our favorites is local microbrewery On Tour, where house beers are poured in a warehouse-like tasting room. Other breweries in the Brewing District include Finch, All Rise, and Great Central. You may just as well make this a day trip destination! 

Located next to the river, Metropolitan Brewing offers house beers in their tap room or riverside patio. You can order or bring your own food. Mark your calendars for Wednesday night Bingo! 


With a realization that there is not a large variety of non-alcoholic places to hang out, a suburban couple has found a solution. Developed in quarantine, Heather and Joe have taken a “sabbatical”  from your typical drinking and created a substitution: GoBrewing.


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