Guinness Open Gate Brewery Opens in West Loop This Week


Guinness, the iconic Irish stout known worldwide, is making an iconic splash in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago. On Thursday, September 28th at 8 am, the doors to the Guinness Open Gate Brewery will swing open, inviting locals and visitors to experience a blend of beer craftsmanship and history in the making.

Outside of the Guinness Brewery

A Historic Location

Situated at 901 W. Kinzie St., nestled near the lively Fulton Market district, this brewery finds its home within the walls of the venerable Pennsylvania Railroad Depot. This meticulously repurposed space isn’t just a brewery; it’s a multifaceted destination that proudly houses the second Guinness Brewery in the United States. This alone is a reason to raise a pint in celebration.

Brewing Excellence

At the heart of the Open Gate Brewery is, of course, the art of brewing. Here, you’ll find a working brewery crafting special beers tailored to Chicago’s diverse palates. Expect an ever-changing selection of experimental draughts brewed on-site, exclusively available in the taproom. And, true to its roots, Guinness will also serve its famous Draught Stout straight from Dublin.

For those who aren’t beer enthusiasts, the brewery’s taproom has you covered with a selection of spirit-free cocktails, including ginger beer and soda water options, as well as the nonalcoholic Guinness 0. This is something that will surely attract the masses, as not all breweries boast a full menu outside of beer. 

A Culinary Adventure

Guinness has partnered with the Stefani Restaurant Group and Hyde Park Hospitality to create a food menu that reflects both the brewery’s Irish heritage and its global presence. From traditional Irish-inspired dishes to reimagined Chicago classics, each culinary creation is expertly paired with Guinness beers.

If you’re seeking a morning pick-me-up, the brewery also has a bakery featuring coffee from Intelligentsia, along with assorted pastries and treats from Ata Pastry. Swing by on your morning commute for freshly baked brown bread and a coffee, or make it a leisurely brunch experience every weekend.

Guinness’s Open Gate Brewery in the West Loop promises to be more than just a place for beer; it’s a destination where tradition meets innovation, and where flavors from around the world blend harmoniously with Chicago’s unique spirit. Mark your calendar for September 28th, and be among the first to savor this one-of-a-kind experience!

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