February in Chicago: The Taylor Edition

Courtesy of The Cauldron

Taylor Swift has unveiled yet another surprise, and this time, it’s not a re-recording. Yes, she has somehow managed to write an entirely new album, penned The Tortured Poet’s Department. Swifties worldwide dropped to the floor when she dropped this information at the Grammys– but Chicago Swifties are known to take it to the next level. Many establishments, most impressively The Cauldron, are elevating this month with all things Taylor-themed… because, why wouldn’t they? Here’s the scoop.

The Cauldron

Gold Rush Shot, a drink inspired by Taylor Swift at The Cauldron

The nature of this establishment is dissimilar to most in Chicagoland, exuding an undeniably magical, yet real experience each time you visit. Located in Wicker Park, this potions class-turned-pub offers an ever-changing array of unique cocktails that you brew. In celebration of Taylor Swift, they have announced a Taylor’s Version subsection of their Love Potions Menu! Here are the highlighted sips:

Love Story Bomb, a Taylor Swift inspired drink at The Cauldron
  • The Tortured Poets: A black-and-white duo served in heart-shaped vessels, mirroring the enigmatic allure of Taylor’s latest album, The Tortured Poets Department.
  • Wildest Dreams in the Dark: An alluring black cocktail crowned with cotton candy, a tempting twist on Taylor’s “Wildest Dreams.”
  • Red (Taylor’s Version) Martini: A raspberry-vanilla dazzler that shimmers with the essence of Swift’s legendary journey during her “Red” album era.
  • Enchanted Garden Martini: A potion that whisks you away to a whimsical rose garden, inspired by the romance of Taylor’s “Enchanted.”
  • Love Story Bomb: A margarita that blooms with each sip, just as the timeless tale of Taylor’s “Love Story” does.
  • Bluebird Café Trivia Twist: A blueberry vodka concoction paired with scrolls of Swiftie-worthy trivia.
  • Sparks Fly Heatwave: A fiery fusion of chili and passionfruit that captures the electric energy of Taylor’s “Sparks Fly.”
  • Tay-Trav Shots: Chiefs-colored double shots accompanied by white and dark chocolate, celebrating the iconic bond between Taylor and Travis!
  • Gold Rush Shot: A glistening gold elixir that embodies the captivating rush of falling in love, inspired by Taylor’s “gold rush.”
  • Everything has Changed: A mesmerizing lavender gin cocktail that transitions colors, echoing the transformative journey of Taylor’s hit song.

The Bandit

The Bandit is the best place to order chicken any day, but on the Super Bowl, it is a must. Their regular offerings are impressive enough, but now that they have emplaced a Taylor Swift-inspired brunch, their brilliance is indisputable. On February 11th, this free event will withhold enchanting music, friendship bracelet making, and delectable cocktails!

Taylor Swift inspired drinks at Bandit
  • Lavender Haze: Crafted with Empress 1908 Indigo Gin and Pama, elegantly topped with Champagne.
  • Cardigan: A delightful blend of Goldschlager, Apple Cider, and Pinot Grigio, finished with a splash of Sparkling Rose.
  • I Did Something Bad: A daring concoction featuring Gran Centenario Tequila, complemented by Sage Syrup, Watermelon Pucker, and a refreshing blend of Watermelon and Cucumber Juices, served with a tantalizing Tajin rim.
  • Holy Ground(s): A classic Espresso Martini, a divine pick-me-up for your Tay-Day.

Taylor Swift Bar Crawl

During Superbowl weekend, let loose at the Taylor Swift Bar Crawl! Moe’s Cantina, Bamboo Club, and Merkle’s are teaming up to host an epic event for ticket-holders. Picture this: a free brunch buffet, special Taylor-themed drinks, and a playlist featuring all her albums. It’s like stepping into one of her songs right in Wrigleyville! If your Super Bowl plans are locked, odds are your Saturday has a “Blank Space,” why not fill it?

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