Fall Cocktail Menus To Try


Don’t be too upset that summer is coming to end, especially with fall right around the corner. With that comes all fall has to offer, the food, the festivities, and the best of all the drinks! Don’t worry about searching throughout the city for amazing fall menus, we’ve got you covered with a list of the restaurants and bars with the top cocktail menus. 

Palmer House

Although it may be hard to find a good bar to get your favorite drinks at during COVID-19, Chicago Hiltons it at your service. Bringing their new cocktail menu to your home. Working around the current state of the city, they decided to give the recipes for their cocktail menu. Including favorites like their Whiskey Apricot sour and their Palmer House Brownie Manhattan. 

The Sixth

The Sixth’s “Shaken” cocktail menu embodies everything that comes to mind when you think of fall. Featuring Sweet and Savory options that will be sure to remind you of the season. Implementing ingredients like Oatmeal Cream Pie in their “Antie’s Oatmeal Pie” cocktail, or their “Dad, Don’t Eat Me!” cocktail featuring Honey Nut Cheerios infused rum. Head over to the Sixth soon to try out the rest of their menu. 

The Violet Hour 

The Violet Hours offers a broad menu of cocktails to-go, perfect for anyone craving a sweet strong drink on a quiet fall evening. Since Violet Hour is unable to be open due to current COVID-19 restrictions, they created a menu that is available to be ordered online and picked up. Each Cocktail includes a 12 oz serving which is equivalent to 2 full servings. Make sure to order ahead of time, these cocktails are only available by pickup at Violet Hour. 


Who doesn’t want to enjoy a cocktail while also taking in the cool fall breeze overlooking Chicago? Raised offers a rooftop bar experience in the heart of downtown, allowing you to relax and enjoy the view as well as their delicious cocktail menu. Cocktails like “Shake If Off” with banana, lime, and cinnamon, or their “Two Halves & A Stache” with Tito’s Vodka, Pistachio, Lemon, and Mint. 

By Will Norris

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