Faces of Chicago Hospitality: The City’s Finest


In the dynamic city of Chicago, you’ll find over 7,000 restaurants, nearly 1,000 bars and coffee shops, and a lineup of more than 70 museums. Beyond these well-known attractions, there’s also a rich tapestry of other establishments, from malls to spas and bakeries. It is no doubt that Chicago’s diversity ensures that there’s something for everyone, but with such an abundance of choices, uncovering the finest of gems, especially for newcomers and tourists, can be an intimidating task. That’s where ‘Faces of Chicago Hospitality‘ takes center stage, serving as the ultimate guide to the heart and soul of the city.

What Does ‘Faces’ Entail?

Well, if you want a full explanation, click here. However, to put plainly, ‘Faces of Chicago Hospitality’ consists of the Faces that make up the identity of Chicago’s business scene. Here are a couple of examples:

Jeff Lawler, founder of Geja's Cafe

Face of Fondue

Geja’s Cafe, located in Chicago’s Lincoln Park, is renowned as the city’s first wine bar. It offers a unique blend of fine wines, cheeses, live music, & interactive fondue dining, creating a distinctive & romantic atmosphere. Due to its exceptional service, Geja’s celebrates 58 respectable years in business.

Face of French Toast

Located in Lincoln Park, Batter & Berries is a beloved family-owned brunch restaurant known for its creative twist on classic breakfast & lunch dishes. Their menu also includes shrimp & grits, chicken & waffles, & various gluten-free & vegetarian options, all served in a lively & welcoming atmosphere!

Fatso's Last Stand Crew

Face of Hot Dogs

Fatso’s Last Stand has been a beloved hot dog and burger joint since 1930. Found in both Chicago’s Ukrainian Village and Lincoln Park, their menu boasts charred Vienna Beef hot dogs with classic toppings and other award-winning options! It is an undeniable must-visit for an authentic Chicago experience.

Face Of Mexican Bakeries

Located in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood is a bakery that combines Mexican flavors with French pastry techniques: Pan Artesanal Bakery. This sister-owned establishment offers top-quality French pastries with a Mexican twist!

For more insight into the sort of establishments that reign as the Face of their category, visit www.facesofchi.com

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