Experience the Magic of the Allstate CTA Holiday Train


Chicago comes alive during the holiday season, and one of the city’s cherished traditions is the Allstate CTA Holiday Train. Here’s a guide to this festive experience that seamlessly combines joyous celebrations with charitable endeavors.

Allstate CTA Holiday Train: Spreading Joy on the Rails

In 1992, the humble beginnings of the Allstate CTA Holiday Train saw a train delivering food to charities adorned with a simple “Season’s Greetings from the CTA” sign. Today, it has transformed into a spectacular sight, spreading holiday cheer on both the Blue Line and in the hearts of thousands of riders.

As the train pulls into each station, Santa himself waves from his sleigh on an open-air flatcar, surrounded by reindeer and beautifully decorated holiday trees. The train cars are adorned with festive images and twinkling lights, creating a magical experience both day and night.

Delivering More Than Joy

Beyond spreading holiday joy, the Allstate CTA Holiday Train plays a vital role in charity. CTA employees dedicate their time and resources to assemble approximately 600 food baskets filled with essentials for complete meals. These baskets are then distributed to community organizations across the city, embodying the spirit of giving during the festive season.

Photos with Santa: A Return to Tradition

This year, the Allstate CTA Holiday Fleet brings back a beloved tradition: photos with Santa! After a hiatus since 2019, riders and fans can capture magical moments with Santa on designated dates for both the festive bus and train. Photo sessions are on a first-come, first-served basis, with CTA employees taking photos using riders’ devices.

Note: Be sure to check the schedules for designated photo times, and don’t miss the opportunity to create lasting memories with Santa. Props will be available for added festive fun.

Plan Your Journey: Schedules and Details

The Allstate CTA Holiday Train will traverse all rail lines from late November to late December as part of regular rail service. With varied schedules for each rail line, the festive experience is easily accessible to all Chicagoans. Normal CTA fares apply, ensuring that everyone can partake in the joyous celebration.

Experience the magic of the Allstate CTA Holiday Train – where holiday history, charity, and festive fun converge to create cherished memories for Chicagoans of all ages.

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