Dry January: Chicago’s Best Hangouts for a Vibrant & Sober Night Out


Start 2024 alcohol-free with these Dry January alternatives. With special mocktail creations or a twist on old alcohol favorites, Chicago bars find ways to keep the party rolling into 2024, sober.


With the only year-round rooftop lounge in the city, this hotel offers two mocktails that match its venue in uniqueness. Try Mint to Be, uniquely crafted with selections of peach, strawberry, or raspberry açaí base, topped with lavender or cucumber, muddled mint, lime, lemon, and topo chico. Alternatively, give Peach Out a taste: made with Yucca peach tea and club soda with hints of blueberry, muddled agave and rosemary, topped with chia seeds. Get both drinks for $9.


As sophisticated as its source, One In A Melon and Kombucha Spritz do not disappoint for non-alcoholic options, only $10. One In A Melon is made with Seedlip Garden, RTC Mallorca Melon Shrub, pineapple and lemon. Made with a ginger and lemon kombucha, Kombucha Spritz takes a twist on the popular beverage with added raspberry, basil and soda.


Alcohol-free alternatives still fit the well-known “Rosé All Day” at this restaurant. Made with a sparkling rosé, Pom & Popper tastes of pomegranate, black pepper and lime. The Gingerly Thymed mocktail starts with ginger beer and adds thyme, orange and lime. Both beverages can be made in a glass for $12 or a sea shell at an additional cost.


This world-class seafood and sushi destination brings a twist on classic alcoholic beverages with new mocktail selections. Borrowing from an old favorite, the Sweet Potato Old Fashioned is made with Earl Grey tea, sweet potato Demerara, Saba and white balsamic vinegar. The Appleberry Spritzer uses Clean Co. Apple Vodka Alternative, Elderflower syrup and lemon juice.


LYRA brings Dry January a few mocktails inspired by natural Greek lifestyle. Both beverages use Amass Zero Proof as a base. Halara tastes of pomegranate, lemon, mint and tonic, and Cypress has notes of pineapple, lime and ginger. Both are available for $12.


Stay classy and luxurious with Prime & Provision’s mocktail selection. Try Pomegranate Mint, a drink made from 100% pomegranate juice, lemon San Pellegrino, blood orange and mint leaves for $10. For a sizzling option, enjoy Spiced Grapefruit made with Spice 94 Seedlip Non-Alcoholic Spirit, grapefruit juice, soda and lime, also available for $10.


Visit Fioretta for a vibrant drink and dining experience. The Pineapple Punch, made with Seedlip, grapefruit, pineapple, cardamom, ginger and lemon is a sophisticated $11 drink to try this January.


Popular for its American food and craft beer, Sweetwater Tavern introduces a few mocktails to complement. The Mellow Mule switches up a classic beverage with cucumber, honey syrup, mango syrup, mine juice, and ginger beer. Strawberry Soothe is made with strawberries, lime juice, lemon juice, simple syrup, and a splash of lemon lime soda. Try both for $9.49.


To pair with the coastal and Mayan menu of Tulum, enjoy one of these mocktails or a cold Jarritos Mexican soda in mandarin or grapefruit flavors. Puerto Vallarta is a guava cocktail made with free spirit gin, guava and lemon. The Michoacan takes a spin on a mango margarita with Ritual Zero Proof Tequila and lime.


This Mediterranean steakhouse offers two non-alcoholic beverages for Dry January at Prime Bar. Pom Pom is a pomegranate drink made with rosemary and grapefruit. Garden Flow is crafted with Seedlip Garden and hibiscus ginger beer.

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