Discover Doodles x CAMP in Chicago


Introducing the Doodles x CAMP Chicago experience in Lincoln Park! This colorful and immersive exhibit is an absolute delight for kids aged 4-10 (though adults can’t resist the fun either). As soon as you step into CAMP, you’ll discover a magical world of creativity and technology.

For a more visual experience of Doodles x Camp, be sure to explore the enchanting world through @chicagodoes’ Instagram reel!

What to Expect

Avatar at Doodles x CAMP

Your journey begins at the CAMP store, a permanent location in Chicago. While you wait for your adventure, explore toys and activities for sale. Upon check-in, you’ll receive wristbands with “doodads” that sync up with avatars you’ll create. These avatars will earn new clothing and accessories as you explore the exhibit.

The real magic happens when you enter the Doodles x CAMP experience. Join the quest to find Hap, an animated Doodle inventor, and his cat, Mello. Using tablets in the lab, you’ll create custom avatars linked to your wristbands. Then, step through a rainbow portal into the vibrant Doodle World.

Inside of Doodles x CAMP

Doodle World

In Doodle World, you’ll find interactive post-its that trigger fun sounds when touched by your doodads. The more post-its you discover, the more outfits and accessories your avatars unlock.

Slime from at Doodles x CAMP

Explore diverse sections, from rainbow-painted floors to crashed spaceships, ball pits, rainbow slides, craft activities, and more. Friendly counselors are on hand to assist and engage with your kids.

After an hour of play, view your avatars with their newfound swag before leaving the exhibit. Back in the CAMP store, try out the Schmutz Slime Station, where your kids can create custom slime to take home!

The Details

Doodles x CAMP is open from August 19 to October 14, 2023, every day except Tuesday. Tickets vary in price depending on the day. Check their website for details on additional activities and pricing.

This interactive exhibit is a blast for the whole family, and its central location means you can explore nearby restaurants in Lincoln Park and Old Town for a bite to eat afterward. Don’t miss this magical, creative adventure!

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