Dia de los Muertos at Moe’s Cantina


Moe’s Cantina prepares to fully embrace the vibrant spirit of the Day of the Dead on Thursday, November 2. Co-owner Korina Sanchez extends an enthusiastic invitation to all guests to partake in this special day, promising a delightful feast of flavors and a visual spectacle that genuinely pays homage to this cherished holiday.

The event’s centerpiece revolves around an enticing array of specially crafted food and drink offerings, meticulously designed to tantalize taste buds and transport guests to the very heart of Mexico. The $25 Carne Asada Plate, a sumptuous ensemble featuring skirt steak alongside crispy fried potatoes and salsa roja, promises to be a crowd-pleaser. For those yearning for the authentic flavors of Mexico, the $15 Mole Enchilada Plate is a must-try, serving up shredded chicken mole enchiladas accompanied by a side of rice.

To add warmth to your soul during this festive occasion, indulge in the rich and comforting $12 Tortilla Soup. No celebration is complete without a toast, so take advantage of the special $10 discount on the Patron Margarita Tower. Alternatively, opt for the enticing and flavorful $16 Specialty Cocktail, ‘El Diablito,’ expertly crafted with 400 Conejos Espadín mezcal, infused with the essence of passion fruit, chile de árbol, a zesty hint of lime, and crowned with a hibiscus syrup float.

In homage to the Day of the Dead, Moe’s Cantina‘s dedicated staff will be attired thematically, ensuring every guest feels immersed in the captivating and lively spirit of this revered Mexican tradition.”

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