Chicago’s Little Italy Festa Returns


Within the heart of Chicago lies a neighborhood steeped in rich history: Taylor Street. This iconic locale has been a witness to the ebb and flow of time, evolving from the late 1800s to become a haven for Italian immigrants seeking a new beginning. Over the decades, this area transformed into Chicago’s “Official” Little Italy, a testament to the resilience of those who called it home.

Chicago’s Little Italy Festa

Every year, the spirit of the past comes alive in a celebration known as Chicago’s Little Italy Festa-Taylor Street. This event is a joyous homage to the generations of Italian families who left an indelible mark on the neighborhood. The festivity is a tapestry woven from their culture, stories, and traditions, and it stands as homage to their legacy.

Participating Award-Winning Restaurants

One of the highlights of the festival is undoubtedly the array of cuisine from award-winning area restaurants. From the dishes that have become synonymous with Italian culture to innovative creations, Little Italy Festa is a true delight. Participating restaurants such as Bacci, BellaLuna, Angelo Caputo’s, Gino & Marty’s, and Rosebud Restaurants bring their finest flavors to the table. They invite attendees on a savory journey that pays tribute to the roots of the neighborhood!

Music, Merriment, and More at Little Italy Festa

Step into a world of continuous family entertainment as multiple stages come alive with performances. The festival will pulse with the rhythm of live music, drawing in crowds with soulful melodies by an array of artists. The likes of Phat Cat Swinger, The Bronx Wanderers, and Ray Massa’s EuroRhythms will grace the stages, providing a soundtrack that elevates the festival’s atmosphere!

Mark Your Calendar: Dates and Details

The Little Italy Festa kicks off on Thursday and Friday, August 17th to 18th, from 5pm to 10pm. The celebration continues into the weekend, with events on Saturday and Sunday, August 19th and 20th, from noon until 10pm. Make your plans and join in on a journey that bridges the past and present, where stories of Italian heritage come alive through food, music, and camaraderie!

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