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Chicago Theatre Week is the annual celebration of the city’s vibrant theater scene, showcasing the wide array of talent and creativity that make Chicago a hub for live performance. The event, which will take place from February 16th-26th this year, offers audiences the opportunity to explore a diverse range of productions at a discounted rate, providing access to some of the most exciting and innovative theater companies in the country.

From classic dramas to cutting-edge experimental works, Chicago Theatre Week offers something for everyone, inviting audiences to engage with the dynamic and constantly evolving landscape of theater in this great city. With over 100 productions on offer, this is an event not to be missed for anyone passionate about live performance and the arts. Special Theatre Week tickets cost just $15 or $30 or less! Details can be found on the Chicago Theatre Week website.

For the occasion, we selected some of Chicago’s most iconic theaters and productions.

The Chicago Theatre

Located on the infamous State Street, The Chicago Theatre is a popular Chicago staple, and architectural landmark. Part of Madison Square Garden Entertainment, this venue holds a variety of popular artists, bands and comedians! With a variety of upcoming shows, including artists such as Vance Joy and John Mellencamp, this venue will be sure to make anyone’s night. For more information on upcoming concerts and events, check out the Chicago Theatre’s website here!

Steppenwolf Theatre

Founded in 1974, this popular Chicago theatre continues to create unforgettable theatric moments. The Steppenwolf Theatre in the beautiful Lincoln Park neighborhood, located on Halsted. The location gives any tourist the perfect welcome to such a beautiful city! With a variety of artists, performers, and popular icons, any show at the Steppenwolf will make quite the impression. Check them out here!

Lookingglass Theatre

With an emphasis on contemporary literary adaptions, The Lookingglass Theatre holds some of the most personalized and original performances. With a variety of events, plays and world premiers with a contemporary twist, the Lookingglass Theatre definitely wont be your typical theatre experience. For more information, click here!

Harris Theatre

Located along the north edge of Millennium Park, the Harris theatre is sure to give you a perfect glimpse of the Chicago Loop. With over 1,400 seats the theatre brings all fans from all around to experience a night filled with warmth, appreciation and fun! Take a glimpse at some of the lyrical dance, music, and performances created by impressive Chicago talent! Check out the Harris Theatre here!

Fine Arts Building

Also known at The Studebaker building, The Fine Arts building is located right by Grant Park on Michigan Avenue! As a vital participant in the Chicago Landmark Historic Michigan Boulevard District, The Fine Arts building creates movements of art for its viewers. With a variety of exhibits, concerts and events, the Fine Arts Building continues to promote the beauty of fine arts. For more information on upcoming shows and performances, check out their website here!

Riviera Theatre

This popular concert venue holds some of the most well-known tours for growing artists. As part of Chicago’s historic Uptown theatre district, the Riviera theatre plays a vital role for popular artists, bands, and organizations. 2023 holds lots of awesome performances that are bound to create the most unforgettable memories. Check it out, and make sure to take a look up at their incredible, historically preserved decor!

Blue Man Group

If you haven’t seen a Blue man Group show, then you must grab your tickets here! Without a doubt, there is a show like no other. Expressing “performance art”, The Blue Man Group holds a boatload of fun, laughs, and dances for the whole family! With the incorporation of music, art and rhythms that almost come off as obscure. For an experience you can only see to believe, check out The Brair Street Theatre!

The Laugh Factory

Looking for a good laugh? Then visit Chicago’s most popular comedy lounges at The Laugh Factory! Perfect for stand up shows, popular and even emerging comedians perform to shed audience’s tears… of laughter of course. It’s never the bad time to catch a comedy show! Check out The Laugh Factory!

Copernicus Center

Located in Jefferson Park, the beautiful Copernicus Center brings communities together as it holds concerts, events, and all kinds of performances. Formerly a movie palace, this theatre still preserves the beauty that a palace might have. The theatre’s beautiful ceiling is a must see sight, thanks to the discoveries by Nicolaus Copernicus! So, don’t forget to look up!

The Goodman Theatre

The Goodman Theatre is a professional theater company located right in the beautiful Chicago’s Loop. As a leader in the Chicago Theatre scene holds outstanding shows as reported by the Chicago Sun Time and The Chicago Tribune. With a variety of performances, this theatre holds an abundance of song, drama and emotion to life. And if you are a local, make sure to check out the Goodman Theatre membership programs!

The Second City

This improvisational comedy enterprise holds some of the oldest ongoing improvisational theater troupes. Continually based in Chicago, as well as Toronto, The Second City has become a well-known staple which hilights the comedic value of performance. With variation in events, show and workshops, The Second City is sure to have you let out at least a giggle! Check it out!

The Arie Crown Theater

With over 5,000 seats available for visitors, The Arie Crown Theatre has served, and is continuing, since 1960. Located in McCormick Place, the Arie Crown Theatre holds thousands of fans, enthusiats and theatre buffs from all over! The Air Crown Theatre hosts various corporate, civic and public events which feature some of the most prominent companies and celebrated artists! For upcoming shows and news, check out their website here!

The Jay Pritzker Pavilion

If you’ve visited Millennium Park, then you did not miss the Jay Pritzker Pavilion. Also known as the Pritzker Music Pavilion, this outdoor amphitheater holds a variety of performances including bands, artists and even community movie nights! The incredible structure is sure to have you looking all around! Check out the Pritzker Pavilion website for upcoming events, movies, and news!

The Lakeshore Theater

Formerly a movie theatre called the Broadway Theatre, The Lakeshore Theatre is now known for their live entertainment! The shows range from comedy shows to concerts to plays, which can be perfect to explore the theatre wold with! The Lakeshore Theatre is a bit more intimate, holding about 330 seats. Perfect for an up-close, memorable, and perhaps interactive performance!

The Mercury Theater

The Mercury Theatre is located in Wrigleyville and is the perfect intimate theatre experience for any family or group of friends! Surrounded by brick walls, the Mercury Theatre hosts live musicals & performances from local Chicago troupes. Holding only 290 visitors, this lovely experience will be one you dont have to squint to interpret! Make sure to grab some dinner as well, at the theatre’s Emerson’s Bar and Grill. Check out The Mercury Theatre here!

Up Comedy Club

Known for their incredible dinner theatre, The Up Comedy Club hosts a memorable dining experience you wont regret eating at. The Up Comedy club is considered a nightclub, holding acts in forms of live stand-up, sketch comedy & improv shows. What better way to get a laugh in than with come dinner and cocktails? Check out the Up Comedy Club here!

Lyric Opera Of Chicago

Being the leading opera companies of the United States, The Lyric Opera of Chicago hosts some of the most professional and prestigious forms of music. Founded in 1954, this theatre accomplished lavish performances within the massive Art Deco Civic Opera House. Check out The Lyric Opera of Chicago for some never before seen, striking performances!

The iO Theater

Located in central Chicago, The iO Theatre is an improve and training comedy theatre, originally based in Los Angeles. Known for having “Chicago’s Best Improv Comedy” as their slogan, any visitor is expected to shed a couple laughs. Performances vary and are changes consistently, so make sure to catch as many shows as you can! Check out the iO Theatre on their website here!

The Annoyance Theatre

Having not one, but two theatres within the Annoyance theatre is constructed to create the most magic within a building. Holding long-running performances which showcase sketch comedy, improv and emerging plays, the Annoyance Theatre is definitely a place you’d want to add on your Chicago bucket list!

The Chopin Theatre

Located across the Polish Triangle ,the Chopin Theatre continues to create theatrical impressions on its viewers since 1918. This Wicker Park theatre is a monumental non-profit producer and presenter of the arts. With a variety of plays, musicals and events that are constantly held, The Chopin theatre embraces the art of acting within its intimate environment. Make sure to check out The Chopin Theatre website here for more information!

The Music Box Theatre

The Music Box Theatre is a historically known theatre located in Chicago’s Wrigleyville. Built in 19xx , The Music Box Theatre has had it’s history in expression of the fine arts. Since the early 1980s, the Music Box Theatre holds different art and movies. Operating continuously as an art-house and repertory cinema, including ballets, musicals and other expressions of emotion. Check out The Music Box Theatre for more information! For avid goers, make sure to check out their membership opportunities!

The Albany Park Theatre Project

Known as APTP, The Albany Park Theatre Project is a multiethnic theater ensemble based in the Albany Park. The theatre maintains a focus is on Chicago youth, and stresses the significance of creating beauty through art, perfomance and song. Make sure to check out an upcoming show, and support the arts to such inspiring children. Participate in this ‘transformative’ experience, and get more information here!

The Raven Theatre

Looking to see something possibly familiar? Or are you a fan of American history? Well, either way, one must plan a visit to The Raven Theatre. Also consisting of two theatres, The Raven Theatre engages in American classics, readings and children’s performances onto a stage. So next time you plan on visiting the neighbor of Edgewater, make sure to consider catching a show at The Raven Theatre!

The Cadillac Palace Theatre

Operated by Broadway on Chicago, The Cadillac Palace Theatre is sure to host some of the most iconic, and infamous plays from around the country! Inspired by the palaces of Fontainebleau and Versailles, this theatre is sure to give you the lavish theatre experience you have been dreaming of! Check out their upcoming performances of Les Miserables and Annie these upcoming months! Book tickets here!

The Auditorium Theatre

Attached to Roosevelt University, The Auditorium Theatre is located right in front of Grant Park! Known for having an variety of performances, including concerts, musicals and even performances enacted by the youths of the Chicago College of Performing Arts! Known as “the theatre for the people”, Roosevelt’s Auditorium theatre is sure to have something for anyone! Check out their website here!

The Broadway Playhouse

Also operated by Broadway in Chicago, the Broadway Playhouse adds another location to catch all those iconic plays you wish to see in Chicago! Located in The Water Tower Place, once of the most influential parts of Chicago, anyone is sure to have a welcoming, yet emotive theatre night! Experience the beauty of theatre in Chicago at The Broadway Playhouse. For more information, click here!

The Civic Opera House

This 45-story office tower holds some of the most influential Chicago opera in the city! Having the second-largest opera auditorium in North America, with 3,563 seats, The Civic Opera House of Chicago engages communities, families and students from all over! Popular for the opera houses majestic decorations and romantic ambiance, a show at the Civic Opera House if definitely one you won’t want to miss! Click here for information on shows and upcoming events!

The Oriental Theatre

Also known as the Nederlander Theatre, The Oriental Theatre is a former deluxe movie palace and vaudeville venue. Today, the décor is preserved and a virtual art museum including large mosaics of an exotic prince and princess to fill the room. With historic ornaments, and a visually pleasing experience, any show is sure to create some impact on its public. Also operated by Broadway in Chicago, one is sure to a show to catch! Check out the Oriental Theatre here!

The Court Theatre

This Tony Award-winning professional theatre, located in Hyde Park creates memorable experiences for its public! Affiliated with the University of Chicago, The Court Theatre holds award-winning directors, plays, and performances that anyone can enjoy! Their re-imagination of modern theatre continues to impress their audiences! For information on tickets, click here!

Written By Paulina Czupryna

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