Chicago Sailing 

Shoreline Sightseeing

Discover Architectural Marvels Afloat

Step aboard for an unforgettable voyage with Shoreline Sightseeing, where history meets adventure on Chicago’s iconic waterways. Since 1939, this family-run gem has been a beacon for those seeking unparalleled experiences in the Windy City.

With the largest fleet of tour boats in Chicago, Shoreline Sightseeing ensures you get a front-row seat to the city’s architectural wonders. Our meticulously crafted vessels offer optimal viewing experiences, taking you on an immersive journey through Chicago’s skyline.

Unlock Chicago’s Waterfront Treasures with the All Ports Pass

Join Shoreline’s renowned architecture tours along the Chicago River, guided by experts who share fascinating insights into the city’s rich heritage. Conveniently located at docks near Navy Pier and the Magnificent Mile, exploring Chicago’s waterways has never been easier.

Maximize your Chicago adventure with the All Ports Pass, including the Architecture Cruise, Lake Tour, and two-day water taxi pass. Enjoy seamless navigation between top attractions and breathtaking views of Lake Michigan—all at a remarkable 47% savings!

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