Chicago Exhibition Weekend: Art & Innovation


The Windy City is about to witness a whirlwind of artistic fervor like never before at the inaugural Chicago Exhibition Weekend (CXW). The event takes center stage from September 29th to October 1st and promises to be a grand celebration of the visual arts! It will singlehandedly bring together a dynamic fusion of galleries, institutions, and artist-run spaces. Whether you’re a seasoned art collector or a newcomer to Chicago’s vibrant art scene, CXW invites you to explore unique exhibitions and a plethora of engaging programs.

Bridging Art & Innovation

CXW goes beyond the traditional art exhibition. It’s a platform where the city’s next generation of talented business leaders and philanthropists can connect with gallerists and curators. Through a series of community dinners and thought-provoking programming, CXW fosters crucial relationships for the growth of Chicago’s arts community.

Chicago’s Artistic Potential

Chicago is not just a hotbed of artistic talent, it’s also a hub where educated professionals converge in pursuit of leadership roles. CXW recognizes the immense potential of uniting these artists with the city’s emerging leaders, earners, and investors. By intentionally building bridges between these two worlds, CXW aims to unlock the city’s full potential. The goal of transforming it into a world-class destination for artists to make a lasting mark is certainly in reach.

Navigating Chicago Exhibition Weekend

Friday, September 29th | A Grand Opening Night

The CXW festivities kick off with an opening night dinner from 7pm to 10pm at 1229 W. Concord Pl. This event, open to the public, promises to be a delightful convergence of art aficionados, business magnates, and civic enthusiasts. Tickets are available here. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this exciting beginning!

Gerdie Map

Saturday, September 30th | A Day of Art Exploration

Saturday is all about citywide exhibition openings, and to help you navigate the vibrant art landscape, a full map of participating galleries, institutions, and artist-run spaces will be available here. Reserve one of the maps for free and collect stamps at each location you visit. Accumulate more than two stamps, and you’ll gain exclusive entry to the weekend’s closing dance party at a secret location (revealed on the day)!

Sunday, October 1st | Artful Conclusions

The excitement continues on Sunday with citywide exhibition openings, offering another opportunity to immerse yourself in Chicago’s rich art scene. The grand finale is the closing dance party, accessible to all who collect stamps at two or more Chicago Exhibition Weekend participating locations. Learn more about this spectacular celebration here!

Join the Celebration

CXW is not just an art event; it’s a celebration of creativity, innovation, and the power of community. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this iconic weekend that promises to shape the future of Chicago’s creative scene. Let’s come together to explore, connect, and celebrate the boundless potential of art in the Windy City!

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