Chicago European Union Film Festival Shines Spotlight on Belgium!


The Chicago European Union Film Festival returns for its 26th year to highlight Belgian cinema. To honor the Belgian presidency in the European Union (EU), the film festival welcomes guests and artists for special events and Belgian concessions.


For the last 26 years, the Gene Siskel Film Center has presented the Chicago European Union Film Festival (CEUFF) to spotlight the country in the EU Presidency. The film festival is an annual celebration to showcase the artistry of the EU.

This year, the Gene Siskel Film Center has chosen to highlight Belgium as it takes on the EU Presidency from January until June. With supporters from Belgium, Chicago and the EU, including Honorary Consul of Belgium in Chicago Paul Van Halteren and EuroChicago, the film festival brings Chicago a Belgian cultural immersion of art and cinema. The festival features new talents along with old favorites. Between shows, enjoy the culinary display of Belgian delights, including Belgian waffles.

The festival runs from March 1 through 10. Tickets can be purchased for individual showings, or become a Gene Siskel Film Center member and purchase a Festival Passport. The passport includes five films and unlimited popcorn for $30.


March 1 is opening night, and the festival is kicking off with Omen at 7:00 p.m. The film is directed by Belgian-Congolese musician Baloji. The story follows a Congolese man who returns to his birthplace with his fiancée after living in Belgium for several years. Tickets for Omen can be purchased online for $25 general admission. Baloji will also be in attendance at the show.

One eagerly anticipated film is Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles directed by Chantal Ackerman. Named the greatest film of all time by Sight & Sound in 2022. The 1975 film examines a widowed mother’s regimented schedule of cooking, cleaning, mothering, and running errands over three days. The woman (whose name, Jeanne Dielman, is only discerned from the title and a letter she reads to her son) earns money by having sex with a different client each afternoon before her son arrives home from school. Like her other activities, Jeanne’s sex work is part of a mundane routine she performs daily by rote. For more information on the film and tickets, visit the CEUFF website.

Following the showing of When It Melts, join a Belgian beer and chocolates reception hosted by Flanders Delegation in the USA. This newly released film is first-time director Veerle Baetens’ adaptation of the award–winning novel by Lize Spit. Purchase tickets now.

With over 15 films to enjoy at the CEUFF this year, guests will experience the best of new and old Belgian cinema in Chicago. In the coming years, prepare for a highlight on Poland in 2025, Cyprus in 2026, and Lithuania in 2027.

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