ART on THE MART Celebrates 5th Anniversary


This fall marks the 5th anniversary of ART on THE MART, a digital art project that has transformed a Chicago architectural landmark into a colossal canvas. To commemorate this milestone, the 2023 fall programming will feature works by two digital and video art veterans. Dr. Yiyun Kang and Charles Atlas, both renowned in their fields, will take center stage.

The Vision of Dr. Yiyun Kang

Dr. Yiyun Kang's "Only in the Dark"

Dr. Yiyun Kang brings her distinctive artistic vision to Chicago with a site-specific commission titled “Only in the Dark.” This immersive experience unfolds across three distinct scenes, seamlessly blending digital animations with AI-generated imagery.

The narrative of “Only in the Dark” embarks on a journey of transformation, symbolizing hope for the future. This artwork, in collaboration with Superblue, challenges viewers. It encourages non-binary thinking as a response to environmental crises and the power of AI technologies.

Charles Atlas’s Return

Charles Atlas' "The Geometry of Thought"

As part of the fall 2023 season, ART on THE MART revisits Charles Atlas’s acclaimed projection, “The Geometry of Thought.” This site-specific masterpiece combines abstract shapes and numerals, unfolding over eight mesmerizing chapters. The projection breathes life into THE MART’s façade, exploring the iconic structure’s architecture and aesthetics.

Charles Atlas, a pioneer in film and video for over four decades, has continuously pushed the boundaries of his medium, exploring diverse genres, styles, and techniques. His return to Chicago with “The Geometry of Thought” reflects the unique platform that ART on THE MART provides for artists to showcase their work.

Where to Experience ART on THE MART

For an optimal viewing experience, head to the jetty section of the Chicago Riverwalk on Wacker Drive, nestled between Wells Street and Franklin Street. Here, you can not only clearly witness the visuals but also enjoy accompanying audio elements!

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