Heat Up Chicago: 10 Spicy Dishes to Ward off the Cold


Ignite your taste buds and ward off the cold with our list of 10 Spicy Dishes in Chicago that will add some sizzle to your dining experience. From the fiery 4-Alarm Burger at Miller’s Pub to the unforgettable Beef Birria Tacos at Tacombi, we’ve scoured the city to bring you the spiciest and most delicious dishes to keep you warm this season. Spice up your culinary adventures in the Windy City with these flavorful options.

4-Alarm Burger @ Miller’s Pub

One of our favorite handhelds in the city, Miller’s Pub’s 4-alarm burger has 4 hot and spicy ingredients: Pepperjack cheese, fresh jalapen?os, cajun seasonings, sriracha aioli. 

Spicy Tomato Bisque @ Black Barrel 

There’s only one dish at Black Barrel we like better than Chef José’s Spicy Tomato Bisque: that same chef’s grilled cheese with a cup of said spicy soup. Eat and repeat. 

Everything at Nando’s PERi-PERi

Every single item on the Nando’s menu is made to order in the heat level of your choice and prepared with the freshest ingredients. Favorites include the PERi-PERi Chicken Bowl, the Spicy Kale Caesar Salad, and the Spicy Chicken Caesar Wrap. 

Bulgogi Bibimpap @ Bloom Plant Based Kitchen 

When in Wicker Park, make sure to try this plant based version of the Korean classic: daikon bulgogi, gochujang, basmati rice, pickled cucumbers, kimchi, toasted sesame. 

Emperors Rice Noodles @ Haisous 

Once you have tried chef Thai Dang’s noodles with crab meat, chili-tamarind sauce and Vietnamese shiso, you will never be able to forget them again. 

Banh Mi Sandwich @ Saigon Sisters 

Try one of nine (9!) different takes on the quintessential Vietnamese street food with a French influence, topped with cucumbers, pickled daikon, cilantro, and jalapeños. Our favorites include the ‘Porky’ (with Hoisin-glazed pork belly), ‘VBQ’ with beef and Viet BBQ, and the ‘BBQ Jackfruit’ with Young jackfruit and picked red cabbage. 

Coconut Shrimp Tacos @ Bar Takito 

At this West Loop tac staple, try the coconut shrimp taco: coconut tempura shrimp, purple cabbage slaw, mango habanero chutney, and coconut flakes. Delicioso! 

Beef Birria Taco @ Tacombi 

When in the West Loop, make sure to visit the recently opened Tacombi on Peoria Street. Walking through the garage door feels like entering a casual Mexican taquería. The fried Beef Birria tacos come with a rich consommé: the way they are supposed to be! 

Bisteca A La Mexicana @ Frida Room 

Before owner Angel moved to Chicago, he lived in Mexico City where his grandfather used to take him to the Lucha Libre every Sunday afternoon and his grandmother would be cooking the greatest meals on earth. He opened Frida Room in Pilsen to honor his family and their recipes, including the tasty and fiery Bisteca A La Mexicana. 

Hot Wings @ Jake Melnick’s 

Pick your poison at Jake Melnick’s! The Nashville Hot Wings have cayenne, chili peppers, honey and vinegar. The Super Hot Wings have roasted habanero and the XXXX wings come with a lethal combination of habanero, ghost pepper, scorpion and reaper. No wonder, Jake Melnick’s was recently proclaimed Face of Chicken Wings in Chicago. 

More Faces of Chicago Hospitality can be found on www.facesofchi.com

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