The Music Critic: John Malkovitch at the Chicago Theater


Never one to shy away from the meta, John Malkovich once again gets deep into this highly intriguing new show. Written by musician Aleksey Igudesman, Malkovich is the titular ‘Music Critic’, a nebulous, evil character created of some of the most savage criticism of the past few hundred years. 

As he spews initial reactions to some of classical music’s most iconic pieces, including reductive opinions of Schuman (‘a composer’), Brahms (‘a giftless bastard’) and Debussy (‘just ugly’), he is battled by his subjects of scorn, leading to a turning of tables worthy of even the most bombastic Beethoven finales.

Expect Malkovichian flights of imagination alongside performances of some of the greatest works in the classical canon as John Malkovich becomes The Music Critic this fall!

The Music Critic at the Chicago Theater

John Malkovitch will perform The Music Critic only on October 26th. Check out details and ticket info on the Chicago Theater website. Tickets start at just $30.

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