Sip in Style: Discover Chicago’s Martini Hotspots on National Martini Day

Photograph by Timothe Durand

Raise a glass and get ready for a martini-filled adventure through the vibrant city of Chicago! As National Martini Day approaches, it’s essential to explore the finest establishments that will cater to your martini cravings. From classic blends to innovative concoctions, Chicago’s martini scene is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. Whether you prefer a sleek and sophisticated ambiance or a lively speakeasy atmosphere, the city has it all. Use this article as your guide to celebrate National Martini Day in style on Monday, June 19th!

Kinzie Chophouse

Celebrate National Martini Day in Chicago’s vibrant River North neighborhood at Kinzie Chophouse. This upscale spot offers a signature martini, combining gin and citrus vodka blends, topped with vermouths and Satorini caper leaves. Indulge in their mouthwatering espresso martini or opt for the bold flavors of their dirty gin martini!

Bar Pendry

Treat yourself to the timeless charm of a classic martini at Bar Pendry, the intimate lounge located on the ground floor of the Pendry Chicago hotel. Sink into their plush leather couches or cozy up to the softly lit bar as the skilled bartenders craft the perfect martini tailored to your preferences. Yes, whether you prefer it briny, with a lemon twist, or a hint of vermouth, Bar Pendry will oblige! 

The Redhead Piano Bar 

Celebrate National Martini Day in style at The Redhead Piano Bar, a beloved Chicago hotspot. This iconic piano bar is a must-stop destination, renowned for its signature creation, The Redhead martini! Blending Absolut Mandarin vodka, Licor 43, liquid passion fruit, pineapple, and cranberry juices, this dangerously sweet concoction is a true delight for the senses!


Discover martini excellence at Formento’s in Fulton Market. This charming establishment boasts a well-rounded bar that sets the stage for their celebrated martini creation, the Cinque Terre. Crafted with Fords gin, Elderflower, italicus mint, and fresh lime juice, this exquisite concoction is a delightful blend of flavors that will leave you wondering if it’s a martini or simply a delectable juice– yes, it’s that good!

Brando’s Speakeasy

Step into the allure of a vintage speakeasy and celebrate National Martini Day at Brando’s Speakeasy, a beloved CP staple. Among their enticing selection of Brandotinis, the Dinotini reigns supreme. This house martini is a tantalizing blend of espresso and vanilla, expertly combined with Van Gogh vodka, dark Godiva liqueur, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and garnished with a delectable chocolate rim!

Maple & Ash

Indulge in the refreshing allure of Maple & Ash’s Pornstar Martini this National Martini Day. Located on Maple St., this establishment offers a martini lounge where you can savor the combination of passion fruit, lemon, and Grey Goose vodka. The Pornstar Martini at Maple & Ash is a treat that will please your palate and transport you to a world of pure martini bliss!


Indulge in the city’s dirtiest martini at Venteux, the stylish French brasserie nestled within Pendry Chicago. Their iconic Dirty Dozen Martini boasts twelve whole olives, including the delectable blue cheese-stuffed variety, alongside Belvedere Rye Vodka, house-made olive brine, and dirty ‘vermouth.’ Served with a sidecar and available during brunch, happy hour, and dinner, this martini is an absolute must-try for all the olive enthusiasts out there.


Embark on a flavor journey at Sepia, where the Ghost Note martini awaits. This fabulous creation is a true must-try for National Martini Day. With its unique combination of rhubarb and gentian root, this zesty martini offers a distinct and unforgettable tart taste. Stop by Fulton Market and allow Sepia’s martinis to captivate your senses!

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