Rock The Block Event at Maggie Daley Park


Maggie Daley Park, a recreational oasis nestled in the heart of Chicago, will host “Rock The Block Film Shoot” on July 27th. This gathering is an opportunity for 60 young professionals to enjoy a day filled with vibrant activities, food and drinks, and the chance to showcase their energy on camera. The event, sponsored by renowned names such as Robert’s Pizza, The Northman Beer and Cider Garden, Moor’s Brewing Company, and Arc’teryx Clothing, promotes an exhilarating experience for all attendees.

The Event

The Rock The Block Film Shoot Event promises an immersive experience for 60 young professionals who RSVP to attend. These individuals will gather at Maggie Daley Park to partake in a day brimming with exciting activities and entertainment.

1. Climbing Wall Adventure: The highlight of the event is undoubtedly the Maggie Daley Park Climbing Wall. Towering over 40 feet high, this state-of-the-art climbing wall offers participants a challenge and an opportunity to conquer new heights. Professional instructors will be on hand to guide climbers of all skill levels, ensuring a safe experience for everyone.

2. Gourmet Delights: Foodies will be in for a treat as the event’s sponsor provide an array of delicious culinary offerings. Fabulous dishes by Roberts Pizza alongside sips from The Northman and Moor’s Brewing Company will be available.

3. Entertainment Extravaganza: No celebration is complete without entertainment. A talented DJ will set the stage for a lively atmosphere, spinning beats that will keep the crowd moving. Additionally, the event will feature a range of lawn games to encourage friendly competition and foster connections among participants.

4. On-Camera Fun: The Rock The Block Film Shoot Event is not just about experiencing the moment, but also capturing it on camera. Filming will occur throughout the day for promotional purposes, documenting the attendees in all their glory. Smiles and high energy are not only encouraged but essential as participants leave behind lasting memories on film.

5. Work Out Apparel Recommended: With climbing and active games on the agenda, attendees should come dressed in work-out apparel. Not only will this enhance their enjoyment, but it will also add to the dynamic visuals of the event’s footage.

The Rock The Block Film Shoot Event at Maggie Daley Park is poised to be a memorable experience, uniting young professionals with adventure. RSVP here if you seek to participate, but feel free to stop by regardless. With the support of esteemed sponsors and the picturesque backdrop of Maggie Daley Park, everyone can look forward to a day filled with triumphs, delights, and on-camera moments!

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