Robert’s Pizza & Dough Co. Introduces Monthly Dinner Series

Photograph by Christine Rosko

Indulge in an exclusive culinary affair this August as Robert’s Pizza & Dough Co. presents its eagerly anticipated Dinner Series. This event, held monthly, offers a fleeting opportunity to savor a unique menu available for just one special night. Commencing on August 23rd, the series debuts with a sensational collaboration alongside Heaven’s Door Distillery. Together, they promise a Whiskey Wednesday that will leave a lasting impression.

The Brains Behind Robert’s Pizza & Dough Co.

Robert Garvey, the visionary behind Robert's Pizza & Dough Co.

Robert Garvey, the visionary behind Robert’s Pizza & Dough Co., states, “We’re thrilled to welcome the community to these exceptional dinners. Crafting an intimate dining experience has been a goal of ours, and this is the perfect way to embark on that journey. It’s also a chance for our culinary team, led by [Chef] Nelli, to showcase their creative prowess, which has been an enriching experience for all of us.”

The inaugural event for August holds a special partnership with Heaven’s Door Distillery. Pairing an innovative twist on a classic cocktail, the culinary team has carefully aged each concoction in the barrels of Robert’s Pizza since early spring. The adventure commences with an Amuse Bouche, accompanied by a glass of prosecco. This certainly paves the way for a meticulously curated menu by Robert Garvey and Chef Nelli Maltezos.

The Divine Lineup

4th Course: The Chocolate Cherry Clafoutis
  • 1st Course: Indulge in a flavorful Meatball & Arancini swimming in Arrabbiata Sauce. The Chicago Sour, a fusion of Heaven’s Door Double Barrel Whiskey, lemon juice, simple syrup, egg whites, and dry red wine, will beautifully complement this course.
  • 2nd Course: Delight in the intricate Fennel Vichyssoise crowned with Five-Spice Toasted Pine Nuts. It is accompanied by The Fennel & Fig: an exquisite blend of Heaven’s Door Straight Bourbon, Heaven’s Door Fig & Fennel Bitters, orange twist essence, and a charred fennel sprig.
  • 3rd Course: Embark on a journey of flavors with the Heirloom Tomato Pizza. Adorned with Italian Buffalo Mozzarella, house-made red sauce, and fresh basil, this course stands out with its rich flavors. This masterpiece finds its harmony with the Manhattan-Italian Style: a fusion of Heaven’s Door Rye, Casals Vermouth, and walnut bitters.
  • 4th Course: Conclude the feast on a sweet note with the Chocolate Cherry Clafoutis. It is adorned with Espresso Powder and crowned with Vanilla Bean Gelato. It finds its ultimate companion in The Dylan Espresso Martini: a blend of Heaven’s Door Double Barrel Whiskey, demerara, Café Borghetti Espresso liqueur, and Mr. Black Espresso.

For those unable to attend the Dinner Series, the essence of Heaven’s Door Distillery partnership extends throughout August. Select cocktails from the event menu, such as The Chicago Sour, The Fennel & Fig, Walnut Tree Italian Manhattan, and The Dylan. All will be available for purchase at Robert’s Pizza!

Enrich Your Evenings

The Dinner Series is a once-a-month gathering at 6pm. It unfolds as a sumptuous four-course journey, complete with curated pairings, priced at $85 per person. Secure your spot by reserving tickets here.

Upcoming Culinary Explorations

The captivating journey doesn’t stop here. Beyond the event, prepare for an array of enticing themes in the coming months. The Ste Michelle & Antinori Wine Dinner on Wednesday, September 27th, and an equally exciting Tuesday, October 24th theme is yet to be revealed. At Robert’s Pizza & Dough Co., each dinner promises an exploration of flavors, ambiance, and community.

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