Rivers Ablaze: The Epic Saga of the Chicago Dragon Boat Race for Literacy

Photograph by Sharyne Tu

Get ready to experience an adorning spectacle on the vibrant waters of the Chicago River! On June 24th, from 8am to 5pm, the Chicago Dragon Boat Race for Literacy will captivate the city once again. The event’s display of teamwork and cultural celebration will transform the river into a battleground! Over 30 teams will strive for victory in this event at the Ping Tom Memorial Park, so don’t miss out!

The Cultural Roots

Discover the rich traditions of the Chinese Dragon Boat Race, a cherished sport that traces its origins across 2,000 years. Drawing inspiration from this ancient heritage, the event has become a sensational gathering, uniting Chinese and Asian communities from across the globe. Every year, this iconic race takes Chicago by storm, igniting the city’s expansive passion for adventure of all sorts.

But the Chicago Dragon Boat Race for Literacy is more than just a thrilling competition. It is an experience that embraces diversity and fosters a love for literacy. Throughout the day, the stage comes alive with vibrant cultural performances, showcasing mesmerizing dances, music, and traditions of various communities. As you wander through the lively booths, you’ll discover a world of enchantment, from tantalizing street food to fascinating cultural displays.

Mark Your Calendars

Get ready to be swept away in a whirlwind of exhilaration, culture, and the indomitable spirit of competition. Join us on June 24th at Ping Tom Memorial Park as the Chicago Dragon Boat Race for Literacy leaves an indelible mark on the city’s history and ignites your passion for adventure!

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