Outdoor Tours Perfect for Summer


If you’re looking for fun ways to enjoy  viewing  the Windy City, a tour is an excellent option. We have been searching high and low for some great tour options. This list has some fun outdoor tours of Chicago that the whole family is sure to love. Next time you go to Chicago, consider touring the city with one of these picks.

Chicago Gangsters and Ghosts Tours

This unearthly tour aims to get you thinking about the chilling crimes and people that Chicago was once home to. The 20s and 30s were a time of secrets, gang activity, dark allies and black coats. Take a Chicago Gangsters and Ghosts Tour to discover the ominous history of Chicago. This walking tour is available four times daily: 11a.m., 1p.m., 4p.m., and 8p.m. Whether you take the early tour or the night tour, the ghosts of gangsters passed are always lurking.

Kayak Chicago

These hands-on tours are the perfect way to enjoy the warm summer weather. Even if you’re just a beginner at kayaking, this tour is perfect. Kayak Chicago takes its attendees down the Chicago river or around Lake Michigan to see the city sights. They offer a whopping eight different fun-filled tours. Check out their fireworks tour, North Ave. Beach tour, stand-up paddle board tour, and more. There is surely a perfect tour on their list for you.

Shoreline Sightseeing

These awesome red, white, and blue boat tours are fun for any city outing. The open top boats offer a wonderful 360-degree view of Chicago. The tours depart from either Michigan Ave. or Navy Pier and take guests to see some of the most famous sights in Chicago. Shoreline Sightseeing offers three unique tours: architecture, fireworks, and skyline lakes. Come check out one of these exciting options.

Pizza City USA Tours

These pizza professionals want to share all they know about their favorite food. Chicago is known for many things, foremost, its pizza. If you share the same love for this dish, this tour is the perfect one for you. Pizza City takes its guests on a fun pizza walk to some of the city’s most famous spots. Places like Lou Malnati’s, Mi Pi, Labriola, and more are all hot spots on these tours. Learn the history of Chicago’s pizza and how it’s made next time you’re in the city.

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