eATLAS: 50+ Unique Self-guided Tours & Adventures


If you are looking for a fun & adventurous way to discover Chicago -and maybe win some extra cash- look no further!  Download the eATLAS app NOW and enjoy more than 50 unique self-guided tours, adventures for singles, families and small groups of friends or colleagues. 

Why eATLAS is Unique

In addition to the incredible variety of tours that are available on the eATLAS app, all the experiences are developed by locals, experts and creators.  Some of the tours are designed by professional accredited tour guides; some are designed by people with expertise and passion, such as architectural history or women’s studies. Just like eATLAS’ guides, all of the experiences have a certain personal flair to them.

Pick your Favorite

There are dozens of adventures to pick from, whether you want to stay close to home or venture out, whether you are in for a fun night with friends or looking for stuff to do with your kids: everything is possible! On top of that, all the eATLAS adventures are offered on demand, meaning you can start and pause them at your leisure.  

Oh! And they are all reasonably priced, typically ranging between $5-10 dollars.  Some are even FREE or have coupons embedded … 

Check out, download the app from Apple or Google Play stores, and start exploring the city like you’ve never seen it before!

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