Auditorium Theatre Historic Tours


The Auditorium Theatre has a past that follows the path of Chicago’s history. From the Great Chicago Fire and World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893 to the great rock and roll era of the 1960s. From the 1970s to the present. From opera to hip-hop, from political conventions to sporting events, the Auditorium Theatre has played a role in the lives of Chicago citizens for 130 years.

Historic Tours

The Auditorium Theatre Historic Tours take patrons behind the scenes of one of Chicago’s most iconic landmarks. Designed by famed architects Louis Sullivan and Dankmar Adler, the Auditorium opened its doors in 1889, and was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1975.

During the Auditorium Theatre Historic Tours you will explore this architectural gem in a unique manner. The tour includes legendary accounts of how and why the theatre was built and stories of the many artists who graced our historic stage.

You will take a closer look at the brilliant 24-karat gold-leafed ceiling arches and hundreds of Sullivan’s beautifully restored intricate stencil patterns. And how about the stained glass muses at the entrance? And the murals by Charles Holloway and Albert Fleury? You will be amazed!

An Auditorium Theatre Historic Tours ticket costs only $15! There are two tours a day on December 2, 7, 13, and 19. Get your tickets here!

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