Ocean to Plate: Georges Bank Scallops at Catch 35


Written by Dustin Ford

The coasts of Massachusetts are alive because it’s scallop season. Picture if you will the coast of New Bedford. Ships coming in and out of harbor and trucks brandishing the name ‘Foley Fish’ stream up and down the street. Their cargo: fresh scallops from Georges Bank. These morsels are praised for being sugar sweet with a firm texture, ideal for cooking. Such things are in high demand and must be ethically managed by commercial fisheries, but that doesn’t mean they are inaccessible. Chicago’s own Catch 35 proudly celebrates the Georges Bank sea scallop this their May Ocean to Plate Event

Come into Catch 35 on May 22nd from 6:30-8:30pm to join the celebration. This event is fast approaching, so you might want to call and make reservations as soon as you can. This event includes a 3-course food and wine tasting of limited time menu items. This tasting includes a spicy Scallop Ceviche, pan seared Szechwan scallops, and a scallop surf & turf paired with braised short ribs. These entrees are available through may 26th as a part of Georges Bank scallop week at catch 35, so you can still purchase them if you cannot attend the event.

This event is $35 per person (not including gratuity). This includes the food and wine tasting, a discussion on the cooking techniques of scallops, and a look into the butchery work that goes into preparing these shellfish.

Get in on this event while there is still time. These juicy little treats won’t be around forever.

Be sure to check out our blog for more upcoming special events.

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