Navy Pier: Best Fireworks Destination


Chicago’s Navy Pier retains its crown as the ultimate destination for fireworks enthusiasts, winning the USA TODAY 10 Best Readers’ Choice Travel Awards for the second year running. Congratulations!

Let’s explore what makes Navy Pier’s fireworks displays a must-see attraction.

Spectacular Shows

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, Navy Pier hosts free Summer Fireworks every Wednesday at 9 p.m. and Saturdays at 10 p.m. These captivating displays, set to popular soundtracks, promise an unforgettable experience against the backdrop of Lake Michigan.

Pyrotechnic Brilliance

Powered by Pyrotecnico, a company with a legacy dating back to 1889, Navy Pier’s fireworks showcase blends innovation with tradition. Led by President & CEO Stephen Vitale, Pyrotecnico’s expertise ensures each show is a dazzling spectacle of lights and colors.

Community Connection

Beyond the pyrotechnics, Navy Pier’s fireworks symbolize unity and celebration, bringing together families, friends, and couples. As Chicago’s premier entertainment hub, Navy Pier continues to delight visitors with its commitment to excellence and unforgettable experiences.

As Navy Pier reigns supreme as the “Best Place to See Fireworks,” it invites visitors to witness the magic of its Summer Fireworks and create cherished memories under the starlit sky. Don’t miss out on this iconic Chicago experience!

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