Karaoke in the City

Photo by Garrick Film

Happy National Karaoke Week! Whether you’re seeking serious stardom or thrive in momentary limelight, this compilation is for you. We have assembled a list of the best Karaoke bars in Chicago as there is no better time to put your pipes to the test! Take time to think about what song you’ll choose as you scroll through these melodic establishments.

King Karaoke

Photo by Garrick Film

This bubbly bar is fresh on the market and already making a name for itself. Located in Chinatown, King Karaoke authentically reflects the zest of Karaoke Boxes in East Asia. From the vibrant blue lights to the delectable asian cuisine, this business transports you across the world with its atmosphere. Thanks to Master Mixologist James Urycki, the bar’s deliciously crafted cocktails pair well with the environment, boldly fruity and versatile. Patrons are free to sip them across all 12 private karaoke rooms to assist with the courage, of course. Consider stopping by this upscale Karaoke bar during its first week on the street; support while singing your favorite tunes!

Lincoln Karaoke

This Lincoln Square hole in the wall is beloved by many. Endless visitors have had their interests peaked by the unassuming translucent doors of Lincoln Karaoke before discovering their new favorite place to let loose. The atmosphere of this establishment is a freeing one; both modest and candid, the simple set up has led people to willingly expose their bold side. The 18 private rooms allow for an affordable, wildly amusing experience for you and your group of friends. A flat screen TV, comfortable sofas, and able-to-be-delivered snacks is all you need for a night at Lincoln Karaoke. 

Brando’s Speakeasy

This karaoke bar is somewhat of a vintage cocktail lounge in disguise. The 1920’s atmosphere accompanies the unfettered dancing and singing seamlessly. The fabulously crafted cocktails have been assisting patrons in making the best karaoke track decisions since 2007; 300,000 tracks is a lot to choose from! Whether it is Queen or Cardi B that speaks to you, Brando’s will provide. Although the elegantly patterned wallpaper, theatrical curtains, and gold framed televisions create a beautiful background for the speaker-rattling singing, there is also a karaoke-free cocktail lounge for those who seek a calmer environment. Either way, it is an experience that needs to be had!

Louie’s Pub

Courtesy of Louie's Pub

Head down to Wicker Park to experience the simple fun that is Louie’s Pub. This bar sits boldly on North Avenue, waiting to catch eyes with its red, black, and white painted patterns. When they do, patrons are pleasantly surprised by the friendly atmosphere that is driven by some liberating karaoke. Over the past 30+ years, Louie’s Pub has formed loyal customers and acquired many new ones with its effortless enjoyment. Flex your pipes and find out what the fuss is about during this National Karaoke Week!

Punch Bowl Social

This retro, checkered floored establishment will lure you in with much more than its ambiance. Customers can choose to chill at the diner-like bar or head upstairs to partake in the endless activities. Alongside the expansive dining area, there is a 6-lane bowling alley, as well as a room dedicated to billiards, Jenga, and Scrabble. If that doesn’t suit your fancy, there is also an arcade game section that includes skiball and darts! It would make sense if the fun stopped here, but it doesn’t. The cherry on top of the activities is certainly the karaoke! Head to Green St. and belt your heart out within one of the coolest establishments in Chicago.

Trader Todd’s

One of the most beloved Chicago karaoke bars happens to thrive right in the heart of the city. Trader Todd’s is often a Chicagoans first thought when karaoke is brought up; it’s simply iconic! The lūʻau  ambiance alongside the tropical cocktails make visitors feel like they’re. . . well, not in Chicago! Perhaps that is why patrons feel comfortable enough to passionately perform until bar close; everyone can be themselves here! Stop by any day of the week at Trader Todd’s, it is guaranteed that someone will already be on stage when you get there!

Reed’s Local

Courtesy of Reed's Local

This neighborhood bar in Avondale is a secret gem. At first glance, this bar may look like the standard, basement style tavern with a beloved kitschiness to it. Although this is applicable, Reed’s Local proves to be much more. This family owned business radiates an energy of such genuine character that it is no wonder why patrons fully commit themselves to karaoke, trivia, live music, or open mic comedy in front of a room full of strangers. Whether it is a night out with friends or a birthday party, this unrefined bar impresses all visitors and locals alike. 

Sakura Karaoke

One of the best known places to partake in Karaoke, Sakura is a powerhouse among all options! The energy in this establishment is incredibly intoxicating. The LED lights surrounding the dance floor partnered with the twenty mouthwatering house martinis is a recipe for fun. Whether you prefer a private room or the open stage, the endless song options will certainly suffice. From Dua Lipa to Madonna, all crowds will be covered at Sakura. Head down to Chinatown to experience this esteemed bar; it’s only a few steps from the red line stop!

Written by Bridget McGann

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