From Frost to Fun: Indoor Activities to Beat the Cold


Discover Chicago’s indoor entertainment hotspots that promise unforgettable experiences during the chilly seasons. From the playful camaraderie at AceBounce in the Loop, where ping-pong meets delectable bites, to the laughter-filled evenings at The Second City in Old Town, there’s no shortage of laughter and fun. Join us as we explore these venues that offer the perfect remedy for winter blues, all while keeping the good times rolling in the Windy City.

The greatest moments happen around a table, especially at AceBounce. Located in the Loop, this ping-pong club values camaraderie as much as they do service. Play against friends as the friendly staff enhances your experience with some of Chicago’s best bites! It is one of the best ways to have summer-level fun in the midst of the chilly seasons.

The Second City
There is simply no better way to warm up than with laughter at The Second City in Old Town. Chicago’s iconic comedic treasure always has a seat waiting for those who need a pick-me-up. This fall and winter, shows like Don’t Quit Your DaydreamClued In and its improv games are available to enjoy.

10pin Bowling Lounge
Beside the Chicago River sits 10pin Bowling Lounge, an establishment that binds bowling and late-night fun seamlessly. 10pin values its cuisine just as much as it does strikes. Boasting a plethora of tempting appetizers, pizzas, burgers, desserts, beer and wine, 10pin has absolutely everything you need to be satisfied on a night out.

Flight Club Chicago
Flight Club Chicago is a visually upscale restaurant that effortlessly doubles as a darts haven. The indoor ambiance is inviting yet mellow, surrounded by walls carefully covered in dartboards. This combination crafts a prime environment for partying it up among some intoxicating friendly competition. Located in the Loop, Flight Club has become a favorite for escaping the weather without sacrificing fun.

With locations in Bucktown and suburban Naperville, WhirlyBall presents the ideal chance to relive the joys of being a kid again. Although WhirlyBall—where bumper cars meet wiffle balls and lacrosse—is effortlessly joyous, it isn’t the only game offered. You can partake in bowling, LaserTag and numerous pop-up games! It is a fantastic option for indoor fun.

Puttery Chicago
One of West Loop’s most innovative establishments is undoubtedly Puttery Chicago. This immersive mini-golf experience is nothing like your childhood memories. Instead of tiny pencils and windmills, one can expect two themed nine-hole courses with digital scorecards, craft cocktails and fabulous food!

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