Ice Ice Baby, Chicago Ice Bar is Back

Photograph: Courtesy PB&J

Temperatures are continuing to drop in Chicago, which means it’s time to bundle up and go outside. A Chicago Ice bar could be just what you need for a “cool” night with friends. For the second year in a row, Pizza Beer and Jukebox (PB&J) in West Loop is back serving ice cold drinks from an ice cold bar.

Open since last week, PB&J Ice Bar is perfect for a get together with friends after work. Enjoy a live DJ and $13 drink specials including the restaurant’s Hot Toddy and Screwball hot chocolate.

Visit this bigger and better version of last year’s ice bar. Enjoy your drinks at this Chicago ice bar constructed out of 40,000 pounds of ice accompanied by two ice thrones (one for adults and one for kids), and an ice drink luge. Plenty of icy fun for the whole crowd!

The ice bar is an outdoor experience, so proof of vaccination is not required to order a drink at the bar. However, a vaccination card and ID are required to sit inside Pizza Beer and Jukebox and order food.   

Drinks are served from the ice bar nightly from 5:00 pm to 10:00pm until the bar melts away. According to the Weather Channel, Chicago temperatures are said to stay below 34 degrees for the rest of January. This means the bar could last a couple weeks at the least! Calling the store ahead of time is a sure way to make sure they are still serving drinks at this Chicago ice bar.

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