How to Pack for a Bear’s Game

Chicago Tribune

Written by Dustin Ford

We are already halfway through the football season, which means it’s only going to get more intense from here on out. The plays are getting more outrageous, the fans are getting rowdier, and the weather is getting harsher. If you are planning on seeing a bear’s game, or any other game, this fall then you will need to pack accordingly. Being prepared can determine whether you have a good time or a bad one.

The Basics

No self-respecting bears fan will be caught on gameday without their favorite jerseys and paraphernalia. You shouldn’t have to go far to find that. Secondly, you’ll want to make sure everything else you wear is comfortable because you’ll be walking around a lot. Be sure to bring comfy shoes and sox.

Dressing for the Weather

The windchill in Chicago can be a killer. Sure, this might not be the coldest place on the earth, but the windchill coupled with lake effect still isn’t all that fun. You might be able to get away with using windbreakers for the first couple of games, but after that you need to break out the parkas, scarves, and gloves.  The body loses most of its heat through the head, so bring a hat. You might want to upgrade your comfy shoes to waterproof boots towards the end of the season because snow turns to slush fast in Chicago.


You’ll be in that stadium for over three hours, so it’s best to plan for the long run. Bring a cushion for those cold, hard seats. A blanket is one of the most sought out items at those end-of-season games, so find a thick one. Finally, a backpack or bag to carry everything in.

Trust me, you’ll thank us later.

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