This weekend, The National Hellenic Museum and UIC Department of Classics and Mediterranean Studies are hosting a Homerathon in Greektown! These organizations, along with dozens of students and audience members, will join together to partake in a marathon reading of Homer’s Odyssey at the National Hellenic Museum!

The Wonders of Greektown

Greektown has been an integral aspect of Chicago’s mosaic of cultured divisions. Bustling since the 1840s, this vibrant area for Hellenism has attracted thousands of visitors and locals alike. Nowadays, it is home to delectable eateries, lively history, and fantastic art sights. Whether your heritage mirrors the town’s or you’re a sucker for elevated culture, a day in Greektown often means a day well spent. This is precisely why the Homerathon is such a significant event, as it pays deep homage to Greek culture! Stories from the epic poem, Odyssey, directly assisted in forming Greek identity, patriotism, and nationalism. On top of this, they were also direct contributing factors in famous works of art and theater. It is no question that this event is certainly an act of appreciation for the cultures history!

The National Hellenic Museum

If you’re seeking out an experience that will make you feel cultivated, spending time in Greektown on April 21st and 22nd is the answer! Consider stopping by the The National Hellenic Museum to listen in on one of the greatest stories of all time. If you’ve got zest for Greek culture, sign up to read a passage or two to the expansive audience!

Written by Bridget McGann

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