Get out more: Chicago’s Escape Rooms


Written by Dustin Ford

Escape rooms have recently been popping up around Chicago like dandelions. It’s a single contempt; escape before time runs out. It’s one of those new things that some people are afraid to try. The experience of doing an escape room is electric; it’s like working towards something real in a world of child-like wonderment.

It’s fun!

Escape rooms are essentially playgrounds for adults. Every room has a different theme and are often very stylized. Escape from the white house, prison, a colosseum, the zodiac killer, zombies and so much more. You are playing a big game where you challenge yourself; it’s like being a kid, again.  

It’s challenging!

Some studies have shown that escape rooms help strengthen your creative and problem-solving skills. You truly have to think out of the box, no pun intended. It’s been shown that mind games and puzzles such as these help to boost your cognitive ability and refresh your mind. Some people even claim that escape rooms are therapeutic, because you leave your worries at the door. Nothing else matters except what you and your party are doing in that room.

It’s a bonding experience!

In order to succeed in an escape room, you need to be able to communicate and cooperate with your party. This is where many different options and viewpoints benefit the situation. This is also a confidence booster for all involved. A lot of companies will bring their employees to escape rooms because they help break social boundaries and build relationships. It’s also a great place for family outings and dates.

It’s accessible!

There are over 15 different escape rooms in downtown Chicago alone, and each of those have at least 3 differently themed rooms. It cost approximately $20 – $45 per person, which is less than most dinners.

Here are some Escape rooms around Chicago:

  • The Escape Game
  • Fox in a Box
  • Brain Drain
  • Escapades
  • PanIQ Room
  • Room Escape Adventures
  • Team vs. Time
  • Escape House
  • The Great Escape Room
  • Room X Escape
  • The Quandary
  • Escape Artistry
  • Lock Chicago
  • Art of Escape Room
  • Great Room Escape
  • Mobile Room Escape
  • Escape Room Enigma
  • Escapehouse Chicago

If you are trying to escape from the norm, try escaping from the extraordinary!

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