Free Summer Music Concerts at Millennium Park


By Dustin Ford

This summer’s forecast is looking to be absolutely beautiful. If you’ve read our blogs prior to this, you’ll know how much we love writing about things to do outside. With almost a park at every corner, Chicago has so many exciting outdoor festivities planned! One of our favorites is heading on over to Millennium Park to enjoy one of their many free concerts.

These concerts are located at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion right in the heart of the city. Perhaps this is to bring people together or perhaps its just a result of having a stadium that feeds into a grass field. Regardless, there is always a fun time to have. Most of these concerts are a part of the Millennium Park Summer Music Series. These concerts generally start at 6:30PM so be sure to plan accordingly.

The music featured this Summer ranges from rock bands to Spanish pop to Mozart. Similar to our blog on Movies in the Park, we put together another spreadsheet with all the free music events this Summer. You can find the link to it here:

With so many different bands to choose from you are sure to find one tailored to you. Feel free to save this file for future use.

Just like with the free movies shown in Chicago Parks, you are encouraged to take groups out onto the lawn and have picnics. BYOP (Bring Your Own Party) and lay out on the grass. You can also reserve seats for some of these concerts.  Don’t forget to bring plenty of water, among other drinks, and stay hydrated.

Now get out there and jam out.

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