Popcorn, Projectors, and Picnics: Movies in the Park


Written by Dustin Ford

One of Chicago’s favorite Summer events is Movies in the Park. It brings people together from all over the city to enjoy the fleeting weather. Nothing says summer like a couple drinks, fresh cut grass, and watching movies with your friends and family.

The Events

These showings draw huge crowds and it’s no surprise why; everyone loves movies! It’s also completely free and open to the public. It’s encouraged to bring your family and friends out and find a place on the grass. Many people bring chairs, blankets, and packed lunches for a picnic. Be sure to bring lots of water because it’s looking to be a hot summer.

The Parks

Movies in the park are often associated with Millennium park because they show a movie every Tuesday, but just about every park in Chicago will feature at least one movie this summer thanks to T Mobile. It would be fair to assume that all these showings will be out on the grass, so pack accordingly.

The Movies

All the movies being showed are suitable for most children; the MPAA for all films range from G to PG13. Of course, this is expected of anything being broadcast to entire city! There will be quite a lot of films this year, from newer superhero movies to old classics. We’ve put together an excel doc that you can save for future reference..

Now get out there, enjoy the weather, and watch some movies. Don’t forget the popcorn.

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