Flyover Chicago Grand Opening!

Flyover Chicago

Flyover, the eagerly awaited immersive attraction offering a distinctive perspective on exploring cities worldwide, is opening at Navy Pier on March 1. Utilizing exterior technologies to give a sensory experience, Flyover takes guests on a virtual tour of Chicago via aerial videography, wind, mist, and scents. With moveable seats, guests will be dipped, twisted, and swayed with the video feed.


Located at Navy Pier, this experience is presented by drone technologies that create a multi-sensory experience. The Flyover experience showcases the city from up above with aerial shots and first-person narratives. Famous people including musician Corey Wilkes, Walt Whitman from the Soul Children’s Choir, and Wrigley Field announcer, Jeremiah Paprocki tell the story of Chicago. The attraction will be available starting on March 1.

Climb up 13,000-foot skyscrapers, then drive straight down to the city sidewalks. Fly past North Avenue Beach, the Chicago Theater, Lake Shore Drive, the Jeoffrey Ballet, and Navy Pier. Swoop through fireworks and experience the Windy City like never before.

This unique experience will be shown on one 65-foot spherical screen complete with flight motion seats to move, dip, and turn in sync with the video experience. Able to hold 60 guests at a time, each person will receive the full sensory experience with wind, mist, and scents.

This Chicago experience will mark the fourth Flyover attraction on the globe. Owned and operated by Pursuit, the attraction is also featured in Las Vegas, as well as Reykjavik, Iceland, and Vancouver, Canada.

Pre-sale tickets are now available on the Flyover website.

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