Crime Tours: Busses and Bootleggers

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Written by Dustin Ford

Why is it that we root for the bad guy? Whatever your reason, you’ll find plenty of people who share your enthusiasm in Chicago. Some of the most famous gangsters ran Chicago during the prohibition era. Their influence left quite the impression, as they are still discussed in great detail to this day. The theme of Chicago gangsters is also played out in many local businesses. For example, many bars and restaurants are themed after the roaring 20s era of gangsters and bootleggers. Many bars carry on a prohibition-era theme by having secret entrances and having a speakeasy appearance. Most notably are the Chicago Crime Tours that highlight some of Chicago’s biggest gangsters and bootleggers.

These tours take you all over Chicago highlighting different aspects of crime history. In many cases, you’ll visit spots that hosted violent shootouts and shifty business. In one tour you will follow in the footsteps of world-famous gangster Al Capone as you visit pivotal places in his crime campaign. Get in the mind of the man that coined the stereotype of Chicago gangsters.

Other tours include visiting the locations of many of Chicago’s then illegal speakeasies. Today, a lot of these speakeasies have been converted into successful operating bars and restaurants. Hop on and off these bus tours; make intermitted stops at watering holes and enjoy the finest hooch the city has to offer.

There are so many different tours to fit your preferences. Here a couple of noteworthy ones:

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