CP Guide to Chicago’s Art Galleries


Addington Gallery 

This River North gallery explores the world of wax, resin, pigments and so many other techniques that emerge any viewer into the world of abstract art. The gallery’s work features many artists, local and known. So check out a unique, yet beautiful expression of Chicago’s recognized artists!

Andrew Rafacz Gallery

Two new exhibitions will catch your eye when visiting the Andrew Rafacz Gallery on 1749 W Chicago Ave. The first exhibition is done by Cody Hudson and will feature seven acrylic paintings and ten powder coated steel sculptures. Richard Colman is the second artist that will showcase paintings connected to Pop Art and New Wave culture. The two run through Fe.17- Apr.1, so stop and observe the work of two visionaries.

Bert Green Fine Art

Gallery specializing in contemporary art with an emphasis on social and political themes.

Catherine Edelman Gallery

One of the leading photography galleries in the country, showcasing contemporary and vintage works.

Chicago Artists Coalition

Non-profit organization supporting emerging and underrepresented artists through exhibitions, residencies, and other programming.

Chicago Truborn

Since 2011, Chicago Truborn has supported local, emerging and established artists. The gallery offers a variety of street, urban, and graffiti art. They have created art campaigns for The Chicago Bears and Nike and different neighborhood groups. Their mission is to provide affordable artwork in a non intimidating environment.

Comfort Station

Located in Logan Square, the Comfort Station began operating in 2011 in a 1920s city-owned building. From March 4th-26th, the exhibit “Crawling Through Glass” by Armando Roman will be featured. Artists and exhibits change monthly and feature Chicago-based artists. Predominantly run by volunteers, Comfort Station is a community driven art gallery that supports and recognizes local artists.

Corbett vs. Dempsey

Founded by Jim Dempsey in and John Corbett in 2004, Corbett vs. Dempsey features international artists. Their gallery’s mission has included widely known artists like Ellen Berkenblit and Brian Calvin. Open Tuesday thru Saturday 10-5p and by appointment, Corbett vs. Dempsey features artists with historical and contemporary legacy of Chicago.

Dreambox Gallery

Intimate space featuring works from emerging and established artists in a variety of mediums.

EXPO Chicago

Annual international art fair featuring over 100 galleries from around the world.

Firecat Projects

Gallery specializing in emerging and mid-career artists, with a focus on socially engaged and community-based works.

Flat Iron Arts Building

Check out the second and third floors of the Flat Iron Arts Building located in Chicago’s welcoming Wicker Park. Take a look at the “maze” of beautiful art and galleries presented by local, and well-known, artists. The Flat Iron Arts Building holds the newest releases and presentations of work. So take off the afternoon, and decompress looking at rows and rows of talent. 

FLXST Contemporary

Gallery featuring contemporary art with a focus on emerging and underrepresented artists.

Gallery 400

The University of Illinois Chicago has kept Gallery 400 fresh after celebrating 40 years of contemporary art, architecture, and design. Over 1,000 artists have been featured at this gallery and portray their talent through performances, workshops, and lectures. Gallery 400 has the “Reckless Rolodex” exhibition open to the public from Jan.13- Mar.18. This exhibition is dedicated to Lawrence Steger, an influential performance artist in Chicago during the late 1980s and 90s. Steger incorporated his sexuality in his performances and this must-see exhibition will carry on his legacy in Chicago. 

Goldfinch Gallery

Goldfinch Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in Garfield Park that focuses on emerging and mid-career artists. They have worked with artists Carris Adams, Mari Eastman, and Meghan Borah. Goldfinch is open when there are featured exhibitions Fridays and Saturdays from 12-4p and by appointment.

Hyde Park Arts Center

This visual arts organization presents works of emerging contemporary art in Chicago. As the oldest alternative exhibition space, the Hyde Park Arts center acts as a production site for many local artists, including the students of the University of Chicago. The organization seeks to amplify the voices of the developing visual arts field. Explore the world of never before seen media!

Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art

Since 1991, Intuit has uplifted diverse artistic voices and paths. Their mission focuses on self-taught art by artists who face marginalization and overcome odds that most wouldn’t in a traditional way of life. A current exhibition is “What Are Words For?” which explains the compositions of words and their juxtaposition to the image’s meaning. Another exhibition is “At Home with Artists” that follows 50 years of road-tripping and the art of people’s personal spaces like homes, studios, and gardens. Intuit offers a mix of stories that are compelling and will bring you into the overlooked parts of the world. 

Jackson Junge Gallery

Co-owned by Chicago artists Laura Lee Junge and Chris Jackson, the Jackson Junge Gallery brings the neighborhood of Wicker Park and Bucktown art that’s subject to personal inspection. Their gallery is an open loft space that’s intimate and presents their handmade crafts, prints, and paintings. Their gallery is flexible to any budget when it comes to purchasing a piece of art since they believe it should be accessible to everyone. Tour their gallery and get a feel of their unique style.

Jean Albano Gallery

Artists recognized on a national and international scale are honored at the Jean Albano Gallery. This gallery promotes artists who have furthered Chicago’s art scene and emerging artists. Non-traditional materials and technology are showcased at these exhibitions and events. Viewing rooms are a great way to experience their art like mosaics and water based paintings on a monthly basis. If you’re not able to visit, you can view and purchase their artwork on the website as well!

Jennifer Norback Fine Art

Gallery specializing in 19th and 20th-century European and American paintings and works on paper.

Johalla Projects

Gallery showcasing contemporary art in a variety of mediums, with a focus on emerging artists.

Kavi Gupta Gallery

From film to canvas work, The Kavi Gupta Gallery highlights some of the most impressionable works done by emerging artists. Located from the first to the third floor on the corners of Washington Blvd, and N Green St. For a variety of art forms, the Kavi Gupta Gallery is perfect for an abundance of emotions, engagement and thought to take place!

Linda Warren Projects

Gallery specializing in contemporary art with a focus on social, political, and environmental themes.

​​Matthew Rachman Gallery

Gallery specializing in mid-century modern and contemporary design, with a focus on furniture, lighting, and art.

McCormick Gallery

Gallery featuring 20th-century American and European paintings, works on paper, and sculpture.

​​Monique Meloche Gallery

Gallery showcasing emerging and mid-career artists in a variety of mediums, with a focus on diversity and inclusivity.

Rhona Hoffman Gallery

Founded in 1976 as Young Hoffman Gallery, Rhona Hoffman Gallery was one of the first galleries to offer exhibitions to female artists including Cindy Sherman, Barbara Kruger, and Jenny Holzer. The gallery focuses on international contemporary art as well as socio-politically based art. The Rhona Hoffman Gallery features young and emerging artists and gives exposure to local artists such as Julia Fish, Chris Garofalo, Richard Rezac, and Amanda Williams.The gallery is active in the Chicago arts community. 

Richard Gray Gallery

The Richard Gray Gallery has made an impression globally and is recognized by its team of art professionals that develop historical careers as artists and memorable art collections. Their rigorous work to support their artists has created art fairs, viewing rooms, and books to share outstanding paintings on different platforms. Gray currently represents 16 artists and specializes in 35 artists. You can find their artistry in their current exhibition named “Gray at 60” from Jan. 26- Mar.11, and their upcoming exhibition called “Forgotten Dreams” available Apr.7- June 3. 

Roots & Culture Contemporary Art Center

Backgrounds of all types are supported in the welcoming space of Roots & Culture Contemporary Art Center. LGBTQ+ and people of color are uplifted and can create long lasting careers at this cultural art center. Their gallery has two visual art programs named Double Exposure and CONNECT. Double Exposure presents exhibitions paired with two emerging Chicago-based artists. CONNECT offers a three month residency to women, femme-identifying, and nonbinary creators to showcase their projects. No matter what time you visit, there will be something new and reimagining the mind of our generation. 

Roy Boyd Gallery

Gallery featuring works from local and national artists in a variety of mediums, including painting, sculpture, and photography.

Stony Island Arts Bank 

Visit the Stony Island Arts Bank to explore the transpiring work of artist-led work. Presenting projects of African-American, ambitious and entrepreneurial artists, the gallery deems to acknowledge their works towards the public. The museum looks to communicate underrepresented work, and create room for future projects. Stony Island’s core values express “Black people matter, Black spaces matter, and Black objects matter”. 

The Arts Club of Chicago

Private social club and art gallery featuring works from local and international artists and designers.

The Green Lantern Gallery

Gallery featuring works from emerging and established artists in a variety of mediums, with a focus on community engagement and social justice.

The Renaissance Society in Hyde Park

Located on the University of Chicago’s campus, The Renaissance Society is a contemporary art gallery that presents works of international artists. Created to allow artists to experiment with their abilities, The Renaissance Society welcomes bold, yet innovative works of art!

Vertical Gallery

This urban contemporary art gallery is located in Ukrainian Village and was established in 2013. Vertical Gallery has a wide selection of art, ranging from graffiti art and pop culture, to graphic design. This gallery features both national and international artists, some of which are new and some established. The pieces of art at Vertical Gallery are influenced by urban environments and street art.

Volume Gallery

Located in West Town, Volume Gallery features exhibitions in American art and design.They focus mainly on emerging and contemporary artists. The gallery releases editions, publications, and organized exhibits that display the work of American artists. Volume Gallery’s purpose is to question what it means to be an American artist in an ever-changing culture. The gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11-6p.  

Woman Made Gallery

This non-profit Chicago-based gallery highlights the successes of nonbinary and female works. The gallery creates space for women in the art industry and  highlights community programs, empowering exhibitions and a variety of passionate art! Check them out, and appreciate the work of Chicago’s women!

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