Chicago’s West Loop Then and Now


If you’re looking for your newest read, we have one for you! Plus, this new book is all about Chicago’s history. Connie Fairbanks has just published Chicago’s West Loop, Then and Now: People, Businesses, and Buildings. Chicago is home to a variety of the best artists and authors in the United States, and Connie Fairbanks easily fulfills that category.

All About Connie Fairbanks

Moving from Kansas to Chicago’s West Loop in the mid-1990s, Connie is no stranger to the rich history Chicago offers. Connie makes storytelling her passion, always searching for new ways to convey the ever-changing excitement around her. Her love for history shines through tutoring, working at the Newberry Library, and leading architectural tours around Chicago. Connie is a Chicago native who knows the famous places and all the hidden gems. Her desire to learn about Chicago is perfect for any Chicagoan learning about their home city or any visitor who wants to dive deeper into their vacation. 

Not only does Connie love Chicago, but she also lets her storytelling drive her other passions. Connie has produced her own cookbook, Scratch That™ Seasonal Menus and Perfect Pairings. Not only does she love writing, but she loves advocating for others as well. Connie launched the first nicotine patch in the United States and helped remove smoking from airplanes. Connie did not stop there. Working with television crews across the Midwest, Connie made TV ads to warn people against smoking. By taking this storytelling to the stage, Connie highlighted her dedication to reaching audiences of all kinds.

A Snapshot of Chicago’s West Loop, Then and Now: People, Businesses, and Buildings

Once home to parking lots and withering “For Sale” signs, the West Loop is now home to the hottest businesses and apartments money can buy. The city skyline looks different now, as skyscrapers dot the sky rather than secluded office buildings. Now, corporate America and many Union headquarters now call the West Loop home. Old buildings have been replaced by their modern counterparts. These developments invite both visitors and natives to engage with Chicago’s biggest and best. We want to work and play in the West Loop, and Connie’s account of the area can help any reader do just that. After seeing the photos and reading the narrative, Connie invites you to venture to the West Loop and observe the changes for yourself. As an account of the West Loop’s history and a travel guide, Connie’s narrative allows any reader to get excited about Chicago’s development.

Connie reminds us that the West Loop modernization is not without the history behind it. Her narrative invites everyone to appreciate Chicago through a new lens. Allow Connie’s research to guide you through Chicago, and consider all of the ways Chicago has changed. Connie’s expertise and passion for Chicago and storytelling shine through her narrative. Through her attention to detail, Connie makes this book more approachable for everyone. Plus, being comfortable with her book might just help you encounter Chicago in a deeper way. If you call the West Loop home or if you are encountering it for a day, Connie Fairbanks’ book allows any reader to engage with the development at their fingertips.

Helpful Hints for Purchasing the Book

If you want to purchase Chicago’s West Loop, Then and Now: People, Businesses, and Buildings, here are some resources!

Visit Connie’s Website to learn more and purchase the book!

Visit Amazon’s Storefront for immediate purchase!

Written by: Maddie Belland

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